Last Days Prophecies

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I've been struggling trying to come up with a weekly schedule for this website. You know, a plan-of-attack that I can share with you so that you'll know EXACTLY what to expect each day of the week as it pertains to our specific focus for that particular day.

In the meantime, I thought I would jump right in and at least share that there's one thing I would like to do for sure and that's spend a day or two (or three or four!) each week highlighting one of the Bible's many prophecies for these end times and then go into some detail as to why we're seeing that being fulfilled today.

The Bible predicts many specific signs that would culminate in the last days. My prayer is that you'll notice that none of these prophecies are vague. I hope you'll also recognize that Jesus indicated these signs would arise concurrently - gaining momentum like birth pangs - as His return drew near (Matthew 24:33-34; Matthew 24:8).

Though many of these prophecies won't climax until the Tribulation period, our generation is the first to see every trend in place! How amazing is that?

As the final seconds tick away, these events will come into even clearer focus. Keep in mind as you read these types of posts that these prophecies were written 1,900 to 3,500 years ago and yet they are amazingly accurate and precise! Did I mention that this is also in light of the fact that the Bible has 3,856 verses that speak directly or indirectly concerning prophecy?

These prophecies will prove that the Bible is no ordinary book; that it is supernatural in origin, as it so often claims. There is NO OTHER BOOK IN ANY OF THE WORLD'S RELIGIONS (Gagvat Gita, Vedas, Koran, Book of Morman, etc.) that contain perfectly accurate prophetic truths.

My prayer is that once you see prophecy being fulfilled all around you and recognize the truth of the Bible you will then seriously consider its greatest truth and its importance to you personally.

A Prophecy Glossary

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I tried to think back to when I first began studying prophecy for myself in an attempt to re-capture some of the thoughts and feelings I had about things.

One of the first things that popped into my head was how difficult it was for me to keep track of all these new words and phrases I was learning for the first time.

Back then I didn't have Internet access like I do today and that gave me the idea that perhaps it would be helpful to others if I tried to catalog all the prophecy related words and phrases I could think of in one place to serve as sort of a Prophecy Glossary.

So, that being said, here's my attempt at doing just that while standing on the shoulders of others and their ministries. It's by no means a complete list, but should be a good primer for those seeking a solid foundation before we continue moving forward.

The study of prophecy as it pertains to the end times. For an entire article on just this one word and the importance it should play in our lives
click here.

Birth Pangs
Birth pangs, in terms of Bible Prophecy, refers to certain convulsive geopolitical, geophysical, astrophysical and world-wide socio-economic events and issues scheduled to occur in the time leading up to Jesus Christ’s Second Advent (Second Coming). These are likened to the contractions experienced by a woman about to give birth, with those episodes increasing with frequency and intensity. Jesus’ foretelling of these birth pangs used the word “sorrows,” in His Olivet Discourse on end time things to come. It's fascinating to me that He described the end times in such a way that all races, cultures, nations would understand for the natural and physical process of giving birth is the same for everyone regardless of who they are or what time period they're from. In other words, He spoke in universal terms that everyone would clearly understand. More on this subject can be
found here.

The rapture is an event that will take place sometime in the near future. Jesus will come in the air, catch up all Christians from the earth, and then return to Heaven with the Church. The teaching of the rapture is most clearly presented by Paul in the first books of Thessalonians and Corinthians. In these passages Paul informs his readers that living Christians at the time of the rapture will be reunited with those who have died in Christ before them. There is wide agreement among those who study Bible prophecy that several passages of Scripture teach a future resurrection of deceased church members, a sudden gathering of those who are still alive at that time, and a “catching away” of these people into heaven. This expected “catching away” is usually called the Rapture. Some call it the Rapture of the Church. While there is wide agreement that the Rapture will happen, there are different opinions about when it will happen in relation to the Tribulation Period. Most experts believe the Rapture will occur before the Tribulation Period. Their belief is called the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Theory. A small minority of experts believe the Rapture will occur at the middle of the Tribulation Period and their belief is called the Mid-Tribulation Rapture Theory. Another group believes the Rapture will occur at the end of the Tribulation period and their belief is called the Post-Tribulation Rapture Theory. For more on this keyword
click here.

The Tribulation is prophecied to be the most terrible time that human beings have endured, or will ever endure. It will be the last 7 years of human history, also known as “Daniel’s seventieth week”. For a comprehensive overview of this frightening time
click here.

Antichrist (Beast)
Antichrist is most frequently referred to as a specific man foretold to be history’s last and most terrible dictator, who will rule the world just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
The term “Antichrist" has 2 meanings. First, that which is against Christ. Second, that which counterfeits and/or takes the place of Christ. Four things we do not know about the antichrist are the subject of much speculation. The first is his nationality. The second thing we do not know about the antichrist is whether he will be a Jew or a Gentile. The third thing we do not know about the antichrist is his name. The fourth thing we do not know about the antichrist is whether or not he is already alive as a person. Only after the rapture of the church will the identity of the antichrist be revealed. In other words, you don't want to know who he is. If you ever do figure out who he is, you have been left behind! This is absolutely true. Nothing is more futile than trying to identify the antichrist before the rapture. Doing so would be an effort to prove the Bible wrong. That has never happened and it is not going to happen now. All anyone does by trying to identify the antichrist before the church is taken out is embarrass himself and bring criticism upon Christians.
Here's an excellent breakdown.

End Times
The very idea of someone saying that we may be living in the "Last Days" with the "end" of our world as we know it, brings to mind the image so often illustrated on television and even in the comics section of the newspaper - that of a wild-eyed fanatic standing on a city street corner holding a sign saying, "THE END IS NEAR!" He is usually depicted as a mentally ill man with unkept long hair and beard, and wearing a robe and sandals. And he is often called a "DOOMSDAY PROPHET." However, today serious world leaders and scientists are saying foreboding things about the current drift in world conditions and decades ago they developed a "Doomsday Clock" themselves. When the clock would strike midnight the world would have set in motion irreversible events that would ultimately bring destruction upon the earth. Jesus set the guidelines for the end times. He gave them a long list of signs that would indicate when mankind had entered the end times. To find out what some of those signs are click here.

Mark of the Beast
According to the above scriptures, the Mark of the Beast is the number 666. Or perhaps, it is the numbers 600, 60, and 6, or some similar variation. Regardless of how it eventuates, it will literally, and voluntarily, be received on the right hand or forehead of the non-believer.
The meaning of the mark has always been a much talked about mystery. There are endless opinions and theories about the number, how it relates to the beast, and how the masses will accept this mark of eternal damnation. Some believe the Mark of the Beast is a computer chip implanted into ones right hand or forehead, while others believe it represents “this or that” government program (e.g., National ID cards, Social Security numbers, and so on).
However, the scriptures clearly state that the number identifies a person, it is the number of a man, and when one takes his mark, he will knowingly and willingly be accepting Satan as his lord. God’s word is graphically clear about the consequences of taking this mark. He tells us that the person taking the mark will suffer the wrath of His judgment, while on earth, but also will have committed his soul to eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire, the final destiny for Antichrist and the False Prophet. That may seem a harsh punishment, but remember, receiving the Mark of the Beast is not simply an economic decision, allowing one to feed his family, but also is an act of worship of the Satan-possessed Antichrist, and a pledge of allegiance to his satanic global regime.
Here's more.

End of the World
There is a common assumption that the Bible contains an end-of-the-world forecast. The fear of this false belief is why some people shy away from Bible prophecy. Many dire events are predicted in God's Word, but there is no indication that all things will come to an end. The Bible actually says that mankind has the hope of going on forever. All who place their trust in Jesus Christ will escape eternal death and destruction. Through the shedding of His blood, He has gained victory over sin - the ultimate cause of decay. Sure, the world as we know it today will come to an end, but it will be replaced with Heaven on earth.
Click here for more.

To The Atheist, Agnostic, And The Skeptic...

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Here's a quote from an esteemed scholar of prophecy as well as a simple test you can perform yourself:

"To the skeptic who says that Christ is not coming soon, I would ask him to put the book of Revelation in one hand, and the daily newspaper in the other, and then sincerely ask God to show him where we are on His prophetic time-clock."

Hal Lindsey, There's A New World Coming

Prophecy 101: The Basics

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Welcome to Prophecy 101 or the Prophecy Basics post. I will hyperlink to this post/section from our site's Main Menu so that this handy reference guide is always only one click away.

With so much chatter out there regarding this topic how do you know if what you're getting is accurate and interpreted, much less conveyed, properly? I must stress that the single greatest thing you can do is STUDY THE PROPHECIES CONTAINED IN THE BIBLE YOURSELF and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. Use your own understanding of God's Word as the foundation and then test what others have to say against the truth. This is truly the best course of action.

Well, we've already established that almost 30% of the entire Bible is prophetic in nature. Surely, God must've wanted His follwers to learn prophecy. Not only does prophecy teach us about future events, it also assures us that God keeps His word and His promises and that He's always in complete control.

So, what are the basics of biblical prophecy and what is supposed to happen along the prophetic timeline of human history?

To answer that question, I will defer to others who have already done an excellent job of outlining the path that we're all currently on.

Please note that there are some variations from timeline to timeline with the most common disagreement being the timing of the Rapture (pre-Tribulation or post-Tribulation?) Don't worry, we'll cover what all these foreign terms mean and refer to in an upcoming post.

For the most part, however, we can all agree on the "what is going to happen" and will always disagree on the "when it's going to happen" parts.

Here's what we know is going to happen:

I hope those links serve to help clarify a few things for you.

If you want assurances that you will escape what is coming upon this world or, if you simply want peace of mind knowing what will happen should you die tomorrow, I encourage you to take a moment and check your Spiritual Health by clicking this link.

Why Study Prophecy?

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To some, the study of prophecy is "doom-and-gloom" and "negative" or a "real downer" of a topic. Subsequently, they simply can't understand why someone would want to waste their time thinking about things that "might" happen or that will probably happen only when most of us are long gone.

To others, the study of prophecy is the highest expression of reverance and dedication and commitment to the God of the Holy Bible who has not only saved them from sin and given them eternal life, but who also gave them a new life and a new beginning on this planet!

If you want to know why we should study prophecy ask yourself one question...Are you a good person?

I sincerely hope that you took the time to not only click on that link, but to also go through the presentation and answer that question honestly. It's only a few minutes of your time that will have eternal significance.

God gave us prophecy to help us (a) recognize that our time is short, that we've sinned, and that we need to approach Him for forgiveness and salvation before it's too late (we could die tomorrow nd would be lost even if these events are still many years away) , (b) to prove to us the validity of the Bible (if we can see that prophecy is being fulfilled around us daily then we should be willing to believe everything else the Bible has to say about God, us, and how to live our lives, and (c) to warn us of the unimaginable consequences of choosing to ignore Him (what's in store for those left behind is mere child's play compared the the worst horror movie ever created!).

Bible prophecy outlines future history in stunning detail The Bible claims that all prophecy will be fulfilled exactly as foretold with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time. No other "sacred" writings of any other religious belief system apart from Judeo-Christinaity make such a claim. Fully 27% of the Bible is prophetic in nature. Why is that?

For twenty centuries, scholars and skeptics from all walks of life, in all nations, in all generations have debated the truth of the Bible, yet in all those, among all those scholars and skeptics, given all the accumulated knowledge of medicine, history, archaeology, and science have yet to disprove a single word of the Bible's 31,102 verses.

Think of it! No book in human history has endured more challenges to its accuracy across the centuries, since the Bible makes its unique claim of 100% accuracy across the board - and across the centuries. The Bible contains some 790,871 words. Each has stood the test of the centuries. No prophecy of Scripture has ever failed; only those yet to be fulfilled.

So, what is the purpose of Bible prophecy? Is it to scare us with images of coming judgment? To impress us with its amazing accuracy? Yes, on both counts! Yet, it is so much more too!

It is to establish beyond all doubt that God remains on the Throne and that what He says is true. Are you ready? Do you know where you stand? Do you know where you will stand when that Day comes? You can know for sure.



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You may already know that the Old Testament of the Holy Bible predicted Jesus Christ's first coming. The existence of the person of Jesus Christ is an historical fact - even secular sources confirm this truth - there is no debating that. Either He was who He said He was or, He was the greatest fraud that ever lived!

What you may not know is that there are 5 times as many prophecies concerning His second coming (all as detailed and specific as those related to His first coming)! Clearly, God wanted us to get the message loud and clear. The question is whether or not we're actually listening.

I invite you to visit Look Up Fellowship regularly and often and to tell your family and friends (and strangers) about it because you'll be amazed as you learn that ours is the first generation that has the technology and opportunity to uniquely fulfill the many prophecies outlined in the pages of the Bible.

I don't propose to offer anything new from what's already out there by other scholars much smarter than me on this subject. I just want to do my part to share the Gospel with people and make it clear to them that their time is short. I want them to realize that even if the events foretold in Scripture are decades away they could still die tomorrow and if that were to happen what is their assurance that they know exactly what would happen to them and where they would end up?

It is my prayer that this online ministry will:
  • Help the unsaved make a decision for Jesus Christ
  • Prove that EVERYTHING that is written in the Bible is 100% accurate and 100% true
  • Motivate you to holy living in an unholy age
  • Challenge you to greater efforts in evangelism

  • Help you to become more missionary minded

These are easily the most exciting times to be alive, not just because of breathtaking advances in technology and science, but also because we twenty-first-century Christians have more reason than any generation before us to believe that Jesus Christ will return to take us to His Father's house.

We are certainly not the first generation to think this. History reveals that many interpreted the events of their day as fulfillments of end-time prophecies. In some cases, their date-setting and speculation did more harm than good by turning off more people than it inspired.

However, at least they were studying the Scriptures in an attempt to properly discern the times. Many of them sincerely longed for Jesus to end the moral corruption and deterioration of their age by ushering in His kingdom of righteousness. That's a noble pursuit and one we are instructed to take part in.

That being said, please join me on this journey; one that has eternal signifance.


Rock 'N Blogroll

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As we continue to lay the foundation for this ministry moving forward and work our way to the important stuff, I thought it might be helpful if I introduced you all to the other websites and online ministries listed on our Blogroll to the left.

I call it "Rock 'N Blogroll" and I'll be sure to introduce any new addition to that list in this forum in the future. Look Up Fellowship is humbled (and hesitant) to include them here only because these are the best-of-the-best of those who are reaching the prophetically lost with the truth, and with such clarity, and insightfulness too I might add!

Here's what we have so far...

A Little Leaven
A self-proclaimed "Museum of Idolatry," this is what happens when the Church fails to remain faithful to the correct preaching and teaching of God's Word. If you had any doubts about how close we are to the end times look no further then within the confines of our own comfortable society and how we seem to be obsessed with selling anything spiritual and/or marketing it in such a way that is borderline blasphemous in an attempt to make money off of our Maker.

Britt Gillette
A Christian examination of bible prophecy and emerging technology, Britt is an avid student of bible prophecy since he first read the Bible as a teenager. His interest in the trajectory of future technologies is long-running as well. Those two seemingly divergent interests merged together when he realized that many of the biblical prophecies of the Great Tribulation seem to mirror many of the imminent real-life scenarios forecast for the Singularity and the development of molecular manufacturing. The web is afloat with commentary on both biblical prophecy and these emerging technologies, but Britt failed to find a single resource attempting to examine links between the two. As a result, he decided to create this site with the hope of educating the public on the implications of both bible prophecy and future technological development. Simply put, this site will clearly show how the technological advances of today can lead to the prophesied events of tomorrow. That's a first in all of recorded human history!

Fulfilled Prophecy
Created by the late Herb Peters, this online ministry was instrumental in helping me to realize that the Bible was in fact true and that there was much more to this whole prophecy thing than I ever imagined! They report on recent events that have occurred in Europe and the Mediterranean that appear to be fulfillments of ancient Bible prophecies — events that have gone unnoticed by most Christians. These events include the rise of a 10-nation military alliance, the creation of a powerful office that appears to match the office of the Antichrist, and the strengthening of a covenant between many nations for a period of 7 years. Even if it turns out these are not the final 7 years of human history, they believe that, as Christians, they’re obeying Jesus’ commands to watch for the signs of His Second Coming and to be ready for His return (Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21) — teachings that are neglected by much of the church today.

Jubilee on Earth
This blog is authored by a new friend and Sister in Christ. The early parts of her blog are just the musings of an average, 30-something girl's thoughts, opinions and dreams. She wrote about her new hubby, about her home, about friends and family, about love and the ups/downs of life. She wrote poetry, reviewed movies and discovered new restaurants. But then something changed - she became a Christian! It's funny how it happened so quickly and so drastically, but once the Lord takes a hold of your life nothing is ever the same! One month she was an atheist (and before that she was a Muslim), debating with her husband on how science made sense over God. The next month, she was on her knees in prayer, asking God for forgiveness and accepting the grace of salvation of Jesus Christ. It was very humbling. Right now, she is here to show the world that salvation exists in one form and one form only - believing in Jesus Christ. If you died tomorrow or, if the world ended next week, what is waiting for you upon your death? Are you holding a one-way ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven? If you don't believe that you need forgiveness or that Jesus Christ saved you from those sins, then you don't have that ticket. If that's the case, stick around. Hopefully she'll still have enough time to change your destination.

Olive Tree Ministries
Another powerful online ministry that exposes the state of the world for what it really is - in hopeless need of a Lord and Savior in Jesus Christ! This site was also instrumental in helping me see the light during my early walk with the Lord. "Understanding the Times" is their mission statement, and it’s the time about which the Bible speaks more than any other. The last generation that might witness the Church caught triumphantly up in the air to “meet Him in the clouds” at the time of the Rapture. What a privilege yet what a responsibility to be born “for such a time as this.” Even as more turmoil surrounds us, we do not faint with fear but rather we “Look up, knowing our Redeemer draws nigh” (Luke 21:28). While they like to tell people He shall soon appear in His glory, they also urge them to not focus on the day or hour of the Lord’s return, but to be about evangelizing the lost while there is still time. That is the central message of an “end-time” ministry or else it places its focus on the wrong emphasis. They encourage you to watch and pray that no one deceive you; to be counted worthy to escape the coming Tribulation, and to be ready in faith. They want you to look up in hope and to be rooted in the grace of God through a personal relationship with Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah, our only hope and strength.

Raiders News Network (RNN)
Millions of people each month count on RNN's gutsy approach to the news, returning day after day for the no-nonsense, cut through the middle, edgy reporting and newslinks style. Raiders News Network's Award Winning Website is currently rated #12 of the 865,000 News sites by Google. CEO Thomas Horn also runs Anomalos Publishing House, a new publishing house venture that's taken off by storm. Officially launched in 2006, Anomalos is on a mission. Horn became aware more than a decade ago of a gap in the publishing trade that allows great, but unknown authors to fall through the cracks and never be discovered. He has set out to change all of that. After one visit, you'll be hooked on the type of news stories and commentaries you'll find (a majority of them relevant to prophecy and these last days) because you can't find them anywhere else in the mainstream press. (FULL DISCLOSURE: I am a Guest Columnist for RNN and typically submit 1-3 new articles per month)

Rapture Alert
Michael G. Mickey has been using this ministry to sound the alert that Jesus Christ is coming soon! He site is extremely well written, up-to-date with posts almost daily, and extremely valuable for those seeking an interpretation of world events as they pertain to biblical prophecy. Plus, his commentaries are usually very detailed, thorough, and supported with numerous facts for the thinking mind.

Rapture Ready
Todd Strandberg is the fearless leader and founder of Rapture Ready and none other than Terry James (of the "Left Behind" series fame) is the "general" editor. As a gifted speaker, Terry does most of the site's media interviews. Together, they have created an extremely valuable resource for those seeking answers firmly based in truth. The site is dedicated to prophecy (specifically the Rapture) and is a community and resource for those who want to not only learn more, but also help other loved ones and strangers find salvation before it's too late. There's even a section where you can print out a "Left Behind Letter" for those who will be left behind after the Rapture to help explain to them what's going on in the world and what it means for them going forward. Over the years, the ministry has grown to also become a valuable resource on many Religious/Christian topics that are important to people.

Red Letter Lessons
This is the other online ministry I author and it's a Religious Q&A. It's my search for answers to life's common questions and concerns as they relate to this whole God, Jesus, and Christianity thing and I'm always in pursuit of irrefutable evidence for the thinking mind! I'm only attempting to share the Gospel with others - that's my primary focus - by getting others to make not only an intellectual conversion (through facts and evidence) on their own accord, but more importantly a heart conversion (through facts, evidence, and personal experience) on their own accord.

Slice of Laodicea
Presents news and commentary on the contemporary church. It's a non-interactive news and commentary site regarding the state of the contemporary evangelical church. It is published by Ingrid Schlueter, producer and talk show host of the Crosstalk Radio Talk Show.

The Omega Letter
Another valuable ministry critical to my decision for Christ and one I just recently learned has it's author also based in Buffalo, NY! Perhaps I'll get to correspond with and/or meet the man (and shake his hand to say thanks) one day. The Omega Letter is written and published by Jack Kinsella. Jack Kinsella was the former head writer for the television program “This Week In Bible Prophecy” before joining Hal Lindsey Ministries in 1994. Jack is also the author of more than three dozen television documentaries, including “Peace In Our Time”(1993 TWIBP); “Front Row Seats” (1993 TWIBP); “Mark of the Beast” (1994TWIBP); “Left Behind” (1995TWIBP); “1998 - Countdown To Armageddon” (International Intelligence Briefing-TBN), “1948, the Year The End Began”; “Jerusalem, The Final Battle” and “The Late Great 20th Century” and “Where is America in Prophecy?” The Omega Letter focuses on news related to five major themes of Bible prophecy; Israel/Middle East, Globalism/Ecumenism, Terrorism/Islam, Signs, and articles useful to Christians as witnessing tools.

The Prophetic Years
The Prophetic Years presents world and church trends and bible prophecy trends in the world and the Church in these last days. Don Koenig founded this online ministry in 1999 after about 30 years of study on Bible prophecy. More recently, Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook named “The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages”. This ministry was created to inform people of current news and commentary related to Bible prophecy and this increasingly demented, but interesting world.

How Did You Come Up With That Name?

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"How did you come up with that name?" someone asked. Well, as with most things lately, I just felt inspired to go with it and, in my limited experience as a born-again Christian, one of the first things I learned is to listen to that voice inside you.

Whether you want to call it "intuition" or your "gut feeling" it's important to consider in any decision making process. Actually, the background on how I came up with the name is a little more complicated than that.

Look Up Fellowship derives from the passage that begins in Luke 21:6 where Jesus is talking about the last days in remarkably specific detail. I plan to set the stage for us moving forward by briefly breaking down that speech verse by verse in the near future.

The discourse culminates with verse 27 which refers to His glorious Second Coming! Then, in the very next verse, Jesus instructs us by saying, "And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draws near."

This online ministry was named for those of us who are beginning to notice that perhaps our time is short. Given this realization, we have become a fellowship of believers who are looking up and expecting the return of our Lord and Savior!

Coming Soon!

Posted by JRed

Did you ever get the feeling that something big was about to happen?

Perhaps it's more like a sneaking suspicion that everything happens for a reason and that all the things that have dominated our news headlines so far this year - earthquakes, famines, wars, political unrest, economic distress, moral decline - are all part of a much bigger story.

Do you often wonder about the future and worry about your place in all this mess? Rest assured, you're not alone!

Look Up Fellowship is an online ministry that was created to serve as an outpost for all things related to Biblical Prophecy. The goal is to shine a light on a topic that many well-meaning Christians (through no fault of their own) have been kept in the dark on.

For the past few years now I've had similar concerns. Fortunately, I've learned that despite all the madness that surrounds us there is a way out - there is an escape - and we can take comfort knowing that our lives can be eternally secure if we want them to be.

My goal with Look Up Fellowship is to help those who are looking to make sense of this senseless world by using the Holy Bible and the prophecies contained in it as our guide.

If you've ever wondered what the Bible has to say about what's happening in the world today you've come to the right place because our goal is to find out together.

Please join me in helping to spread the word that even though the world may seem like it's out of control there is One who is complete control - and it's all going exactly according to His plan!