Ceres Of Events (Part 1)

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NOTE: Folks, stop what you're doing and please devote some time right now to reading this BEFORE this evening. I'm either on to something or I've finally lost it. What's new? The hits just keep on coming! It's getting to the point where it's almost like an information overload, and even though I feel compelled to try to record all of it here for us, there just never seems to be enough time in the day or rest from it all as layer upon layer is seemingly being pulled away driving me absolutely bonkers! I'll try my best - - not by my strength, but by His - - and let the rest of you fill in the blanks where I leave a gap because I know that the Look Up Fellowship community "gets it" when it comes to this stuff. I'll warn you now to pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, and get comfortable because this series is going to be another long one. Then again, if you're anything like me it will be so worth it. Glory be to God!

Where do I even begin without losing everyone along the way? Events are unfolding all around us at such a quickening pace that it's very difficult to go a day without some sort of revelation it seems. Part of the Daniel 12:4 "unsealing" I'm sure.

This series titled "Ceres Of Events" is a collection of my observations over the past week up to and including today. I'll try to be as coherent as I possibly can, but will warn you that I might eventually resort to just throwing a bunch of bullet-pointed observations up here for you to read, read, and rationalize on your own because I find that I'm having a difficult time with this (like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole!). I had other columns ready to go, but feel I should delay those for the time being. This is Part 1.

Here's what I hope to show using the wisdom that I believe was gracefully given to me: (1) The unexplained reports across the world in recent weeks of lights in the sky, falling objects, and earthquakes are all connected; (2) Somehow this all has a connection to Ceres - - whatever that might symbolize; (3) Comet Lulin is some kind of a harbinger of doom prophetically speaking; (4) Prophecies in the Book of Revelation (as well as in Daniel and Zechariah) seem to correlate (or at the very least, they seem to evoke similar imagery) with these unprecedented events and could point to the imminent fulfillment of what we've been expecting to happen.


It begins and ends with Ceres (pronounced like "series"). That much I know. We'll first look at this later in Part 2.

What is the Green Sun? Before we can answer that question it's important for us to face the fact that those in power (those behind the push to establish the New World Order otherwise known as the prophesied one-world government) believe in an ancient religion that has absolutely nothing to do with the Christian religion you and I know to be true.

This ancient religion is built around the concept of the "Ancient Astronaut Theory," which basically says that "gods" (whether you want to call them "extraterrestrials" and "little green men" is immaterial) were those powerful and enlightened beings who not only visited this planet ages ago, but also those who were responsible for creating life - - creating us - - and for even ruling over us in ancient Egypt. We don't have time to get into all the particulars here, but you can easily use Google to do some extensive research as to why the ancient Egyptian pharaohs (and perhaps even the so-called "mythological" gods and goddesses of ancient Greece and Rome) seem to fit the description of these beings.

Once you realize that their existence had some basis in fact (as proven through the historical and archaeological records from antiquity) it's not a stretch to say that perhaps there's a spiritual connection at work here. I believe that there is. I believe that all of these "gods" and "goddesses" are somehow connected to the Fallen Angels/Nephilim that the Bible speaks of if they're not the Nephilim themselves.

Now that we've established a bit of a foundation here we also need to realize that these powerful and influential members of the "secret societies" (whether its the Freemasons, Illuminati, Templars, whatever) they have always worshipped a god alright, but theirs is the god of antiquity - - Ra (the sun god), Horus, Osiris - - it doesn't matter because they all represent the SAME thing.

What do they represent you ask? They are gods from outer space who they believe will return one day to this planet to rule again. Yes, I know how it sounds, but this is what they believe! This is why they do what it is that they do! Their goal is to honor and pave the way for his arrival, and everything they do is their way of worshipping their god and a way of acting as loyal servants to him.

If you think this is "crazy" then you better think again! I mean, is it really so hard to believe? Hollywood is overflowing with Scientologists, and it's a "religion" and lifestyle that's becoming all too common these days. What do they believe in? Oh, that's right, one oft-discussed aspect of Scientology is its belief that souls ("thetans" or beings from another planet) reincarnate and have lived on other planets before living on Earth. According to Scientologist mythology, thetans brought the material universe into being in the primordial past, largely for their own pleasure. In fact, former members say that details of this supposed remote extraterrestrial past are not revealed until thousands of dollars have been paid to the Church of Scientology. Wow! Does that leave anyone speechless? Even their official logo recalls images of ancient Egypt and the pyramids! See for yourself below:

Now, isn't that odd? The serpent intertwined with the pyramids perhaps? Absolutely no hidden meaning for us to decipher there now is there? Of course, I'm being facetious. It's so incredibly obvious yet people don't want to believe any of this our of denial and fear because of what it implies and means for our future and where we are on God's prophetic timeline. Well, I'm sorry, but I can't keep quiet about such things. Not when it's this late in the game and souls are on the line.

But let's dig a little deeper so that we're all on the same page here. What is the "Green Sun" we mentioned earlier and how does it connect to all of this? At this point, I will gladly defer to Christopher Knowles who has been following the persistent "Green Sun" theme extensively since it has been showing up in all facets of life whether it pop culture or politics! I pray that he doesn't mind my posting all of his hard work here because I think he comes the closest to explaining all of this is such an intellectual and logical way without even realizing it:

"Why the Sun, constantly? Why is the Sun such a crucial part of the symbolism we see everywhere? I can't escape the feeling that there's something going on with these symbols that I can't put my finger on. For the past several years that I've been looking into all of this material dealing with the Mysteries and secret societies, I keep coming to the conclusion that the Sun means something different to these people than it means to you or I.

The cultures of Mesoamerica, Mesopotamia and Egypt all raise the sun gods to positions of utmost importance and many of them credit these gods with bringing the arts of civilization to them. Why the Sun? I can't imagine that these peoples would be overly fond of the Sun, which is at its fiercest intensity in these areas. In contrast, the sun gods of the Greco-Roman and Nordic pantheons are certainly important figures but subordinate to the father gods like Jupiter or Wotan. Sol wouldn't rule Rome until the Severan families took control of the Empire and installed their Syrian sun god as supreme diety.

And yet it's the same people who raised the Sun god to the top of their pantheons who seem to be the ones most responsible for the architectural and scientific knowledge whose origin still baffles people who don't subscribe to Ancient Astronaut theory. We need look no further than the Shemsu Hor, the Solar priests of Heliopolis who wanted to follow Osiris back to the constellation of Orion and return to the time when the gods walked the Earth.

I realize it sounds kind of loopy, but could the Sun the secret societies are actually referring to be a different sun? Could that fact account for this nearly universal symbolism we see today that seems entirely divorced from any real definition of nature worship or animism, rather which seems to fetishize technology and the domination of nature to the point of actually
escaping this biosphere and ultimately, this Solar System?

Again, are we looking at occultists, or Illuminists or Freemasons or any other such hobbyists? I don't think so. I think the real secret societies - - the ones pulling the strings of those front groups - - have an entirely different understanding of the world and an entirely different body of knowledge at their disposal. It's the only way I can explain how this symbolism is so prevalent and so international. I really don't think these guys are sitting around reading each other's Tarot cards or doing Enochian magic. The more I dig into this field of inquiry the more I begin to speculate that there's a much more compelling understanding of reality at work.

The Sun shines on everyone- the entire world- without discrimination. Now ask yourself - - why would an self-selecting elite want to worship that? If, as many people have theorized, there's a
belief among some of the secret societies that mankind's origins can be traced to another solar system, wouldn't it actually be that sun that is the real object of their adoration? If there is a belief among these people that the extraterrestrial genetic engineers are returning in 2012 to review the results of their experiment, wouldn't that account for all the rising sun imagery we see everywhere?

Whatever the case, this certainly makes the understanding of the symbolism we are bombarded with
on a daily basis all the more compelling. It also raises extremely troubling questions about the use of this symbolism in today's Christian churches, a topic I will return to in the near future.

I just found this book cover online, apparently published by the Jehovah's Witnesses sometime in the 1920s...

I found its design just a little bit too similar to this...

It turns out that Ra (the sun god) might be even more unusual than we've previously assumed. Consider further the motion of the celestial object called Ra. In a statement found in one of the Coffin Texts, the deity is addressed with these words: 'You shall go up upon the great West side of the sky and go down upon the great East side of the earth.' Is not this contrary to what the present Sun does? Does the Sun today 'go up' in the west? Does it 'go down' in the east?
Nor is this particular Coffin Text the only one in which the motion of Ra is in reverse to that of the present Sun.

More than that, when sailing in his boat, Ra is said to move down at dawn and 'upstream' at night, which is again contrary to what we see the Sun doing in our sky at present. One does not have to be an astronomer to realize that a celestial body described as being green, shedding a green light, shining at night, encircled in a ring or series of rings, 'going up' in the west at night and 'going down in the east' at dawn cannot have been the Sun. Mythologists, who usually gloss over these characteristics when they do not ignore them altogether, owe us an apology for having presented Ra as the Sun and Sun-god of ancient Egypt. Other attributes of the Egyptian Ra also contradict identification with our present Sun, but the above should suffice to make the point. The question, of course, is:
If not the Sun, what could the celestial object that the ancient Egyptians venerated as Ra have been?

Um, how about
the alien sun from where these god-beings came?

There may in fact be a secret sun hiding behind all of the Mysteries and Masonry and all the rest of it. Now, I'm not necessarily saying such a thing exists, I'm saying the symbols seem to be pointing to a belief in such a thing. And it would be a secret because it's where the gods came from.This whole bit with Ra and his green sun that we looked at the other day has opened up a major can of worms in my already-overcrowded brain. It fills in a lot of gaps in this ongoing mystery story. And on Saturday, I suddenly realized it ties right into Exhibit A of the Masonic character of our ruling class, which even schoolchildren know about today...

To recap, another blogger delved into some Egyptian texts and realized that
Ra's sun is green, ringed, and travels from west to east every day. The ringed bit caused some readers to assume this may be Saturn, which is a fair guess. But this is a sun we're talking about, and Saturn has different correspondences altogether. The Egyptians probably also knew about about 'sundogs,' or parhelions, since they are a rare but not unknown occurrence, as we see in this Renaissance painting:

The description of a green sun with a series of rings might be complete fabrication, of course. If in fact they describe Saturn, we're up against a mystery once again, since history tells us Saturn's rings weren't discovered until 1610. We have no record of telescopes being used by the Egyptians and yet we have a heavenly body surrounded by rings described in Egyptian myth. I know this is impossible and everything, but
what the green sun and the rings might describe are the atmospheric conditions on an alien planet, which cause the Sun to appear green and ringed.

Horus and Ra are often syncretized, but in fact are two separate entities in mythology. Horus was said to be an earthly king who instituted the dynasty of the Horus Kings as well as being a
Helios-type solar embodiment. Above we see Horus with his father Osiris, whom we'll look at in a moment. Horus is obviously a young man, dressed in the garb of an Egyptian warrior.

Above is Ra: also hawk-headed and wearing the Sun Disk, but an obviously older and more august figure. Noticed the checked pattern of his tunic as well as the black and white design on his chest-piece. Remind you of anything? Now, we know that
Ra is not on Earth- he returned to his home in space where he looks over the Netjer. Of all the gods, only Ra and Osiris are in 'The Heavens,' meaning outer space. And we know now that Ra symbolizes the green sun...

..and Osiris himself has green skin. So why green? We see green today as representing the Earth; why would it be associated with the two heavenly figures in Egyptian mythology? Note the candy cane crook, as well as that alternating dark-light block pattern again.

Ra is also symbolized by the Udjat, the 'All-Seeing Eye,' as is Horus. Why would this important symbol - - which symbolizes monarchy - - represent two different characters? Maybe there's been a long-standing misinterpretation - - there are two different udjats representing two different suns. One is our yellow sun, and the other is, of course...

...Green. There's your green sun, right there on the back of the dollar bill! Which poses a question: is this the Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra? The phrase Novus Ordo Seclorum, which made the news again when
Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as Speaker of the House, might be interpreted to argue in favor of Horus. It comes from The Aeneid, written by the Roman poet Virgil: 'The last prophecy has come to the Cumaean Sibyl; a brand new great order of the ages is born; for now the Virgin and the age of Saturn have returned; now a new Child has been sent from the heavens.' But the seal is a jumble in some ways - - we have the invocation to Horus, son of the Virgin and Saturn (Osiris), but Annuit Coeptis comes from an invocation to Jupiter. But Jupiter was also identified with Amun, who also later came to be identified with Ra (as Amen Ra). Religion was very confusing back then. I do think this Eye is Ra, since the headline there has the Jupiter bit, and the announcement of the 'coming child' is addressed by the reverse of the seal...

...this is Horus, the war bird. Note the arrows are in the left hand, which reminds us of the 'left hand path' and Crowley's conquering Horus of
The Book of the Law. We see the same identification of the eagle with Horus (through 17) on the golden dollar. Now remind yourself again we're talking about the Great Seal of the United States, which we are supposed to believe was founded as a 'Christian' nation. It doesn't matter what nonsense your history teacher sold you, these symbols are not vague and amorphous civic niceties, they all had very specific meanings and correspondences in the pre-Christian world. This is all sun god stuff we're looking at, there's no question about it. And it's also all colored in green. So why is the dollar green? No one seems to know.

But the Eye of Ra and all of the rest of Masonic symbolism might be pointing to Ra and his green sun. In a purely mythological fashion, of course. But it begs the question: what is the real lost secret of Freemasonry?"

Whew! Wasn't that simplt breath-taking!?! Mr. Knowles might be an atheist/agnostic (I'm not sure), but he really has no idea how close he is to helping to give us the "missing pieces" we needed to understand how these end times Biblical prophecies are about to unfold. And if you think Part 1 was something just wait until you see what I found!

Do I think we are heading towards some disclosure event? Yes, I do. More importantly, I foresee a full disclosure event (whether introduced to the masses as being "peaceful" or "hostile") as playing directly into the hands and plans of the prophesied Antichrist. But those of you who read last week's column "Transform Your Mind: The Sky Is Falling?" as well as last year's "The Great Deception" series already know that.

What I see is a process where this kind of information and conditioning will simply become more and more a part of the media "white noise" until it becomes a fait accompli. And then everyone will act like they all knew it all along.

Please join me for Part 2 of this series, which may give us some clues as to how close this disclosure event really is.

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  1. Vince said...

    I haven't had time to read pt. 2+3 yet but I couldn't help but think that the Time Of The Gods would have been preflood and if the canopy theory is correct that may explain the green color of the Sun and ring also. There are also theory's about near pass byes of mars having been the mechanism God used for the flood which could have done no telling what to Earth's rotation or pole positions. Also last week I saw the best meteor I've ever seen, it was very green.

  2. Nightghost said...

    Very cool stuff. Interesting. Wonder if the time comes that HaShem removes the "sun from its sheath" if its color will be green.