Crash Of Flight 3407

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Many of you are familiar with the tragedy that took place in the suburb of Clarence, NY last Thursday evening. Before I write anything else I ask that you please say a prayer for everyone whose life has been touched by this catastrophe.

All 48 passengers and crew (plus one person on the ground) have been killed after a passenger plane nosedived into a house in a suburb of Buffalo, NY and exploded into a fireball. In the first fatal crash involving a U.S. commercial airliner for two and a half years, Continental Connection flight 3407 came down in Clarence Center, about five minutes before it was due to land at the airport.

The plane - - a Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 operated by Virginia-based Colgan Air - - was on an internal flight from Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, and was trying to land in light snow and fog at 10:20pm (0320 GMT) Thursday evening.

The fact that this tragedy occurred less than 15 minutes from where I live here in Buffalo, NY has prompted me to spend much more time following this story than perhaps the rest of the nation.

Among those on board was Beverly Eckert, the widow of a victim of the 9/11 attacks (who became a campaigner on security issues), and Alison Des Forges, a writer and human rights expert (played a critical role in exposing the truth about what was happening in Rwanda). Both women were courageous pursuers of the truth whose passion was unparalleled.

It is in their honor and spirit that I am writing this column today, and asking for anyone with additional information (information that could either substantiate or disprove my claims) to step forward and share your knowledge in the Comments Section.

I realize a column like this is considered "taboo" by some at this stage of the investigation, but the one question that I keep asking myself is: Why doesn't the mainstream media let alone the local media do their job properly? There are SEVERAL bizarre and yet legitimate leads, but no one seems interested in looking into any of them! Instead, the media and the FAA/NTSB are carefully building a case for "ice build-up on the airplane wings" as the official cause the crash of this plane. Given what I'm about to present, I beg anyone in a position of authority to explain to me why that is the case?

Let me be absolutely clear. Make no mistake that I'm not trying to open more wounds or to prolong anyone's suffering here. Quite the contrary actually. Everyone is in shock and trying to deal with all of this is surely unbearable for some. Plus, this community has answered the call, and when the news first broke that there had been a catastrophe in our own backyard, several individuals and organizations (too many to name here) mobilized to offer their prayers, support, and help in any way that they could. Furthermore, to be fair, many local media types covering this event (like WBEN News Radio 930 AM and The Buffalo News) have done an exceptional job keeping the public informed on up-to-the-minute news related to this nightmare.

However, despite all of those honorable efforts, the simple fact of the matter is that the families and friends of the victims (as well as the good Samaritans of Buffalo, NY) deserve the God's honest truth about what happened here. Again, it's the kind of pursuit of the truth that crash victims Beverly Eckert and Alison Des Forges would've identified with and approved of. That's why I have a serious problem with the fact that no one in the media seems to want to ask the difficult questions anymore. Isn't that the job of the watchdog press? Aren't they supposed to explore any and all possibilities en route to reporting the truth?

If so, then can someone please tell me how someone who blogs for fun and out of a sense of purpose (someone like me) can uncover things that those who get paid to do this for a living can't!?! It's maddening and frustrating, but at the same time simply more proof that we're in the prophesied end times and that deception rules the day while the masses seem content with buying the "official explanation" hook, line, and sinker. Let me explain.

Look, I realize this tragedy just happened less than a week ago, and that investigators are still recovering remains and wreckage at the crash site as I write this. Even so, that shouldn't keep anyone from pointing out some inexplicable inconsistencies with the "official" story as it stands today. I may not be an "expert" per se, but it doesn't take a rocket science to possess common sense or to be able to discern the truth from the cold, hard facts surrounding this story that may have a connection.

Before I offer up my own findings on the matter I should probably reiterate for first time visitors to this site that, no, I don't think that everything's a "conspiracy" per se. Despite the nature of my writings here in recent days and weeks, I don't believe for a second that there was a conspiracy by some powerful group to bring this plane down no matter who it was on that flight. This was a tragedy in every sense of the word, but I'm beginning to wonder if this could've been avoided.

What I do believe is that for some strange reason reporters are ignoring a MAJOR PIECES of this puzzle as investigators say they are still trying to determine what it was that brought down this plane and killed everyone on board just a few short miles from the airport.

The biggest piece of them all that places an enormous question mark over this entire case is the fact that
the FAA issued the following advisory early on Friday 2/13 (just 1 day after the crash!):


When the FAA puts out something like the above Notice to Airmen (NOTAM), there is reason to take the situation seriously. This debris is due to
the recent collision in space between a dead Russian satellite and an Iridium communications satellite. At last count there were around 600 pieces floating around up there! The collision occurred on February 10, 2009 - - just two days before this plane crash.

What's that? You didn't hear about this other big story from this past week? I'm not surprised. After all, we need to remember it's the "lame"-stream media we're talking about here. The same media that's simply a carbon copy of the other no matter which station you watch and/or listen to for your important news. Sure, they mentioned it as a matter of public record and then abandoned the story because I guess it wasn't "sexy" enough even though this event is much bigger than most people realize. Have a look at what you missed:

"A commercial Iridium communications satellite collided with a Russian satellite or satellite fragment, on Tuesday, creating a cloud of wreckage in low-Earth orbit, according to CBS News. A source quoted in the article said U.S. Space Command is tracking about 280 pieces of debris, most of it from a non-operational Russian satellite. It appears the International Space Station is not currently threatened by the debris, but it's not yet clear whether the debris poses a risk to any other satellites in similar orbits."

The collision last week involving an active U.S. commercial Iridium satellite and an inactive Russian Cosmos 2251 satellite in low Earth orbit has, if nothing else, raised public awareness of
the growing problem of space debris. But how and why did this collision happen? That's a subject for an entirely separate post. What's important is that we have the government agency responsible for keeping the airline industry, its employees and customers, and the skies above the country safe, issuing a formal advisory that warns pilots and their crew to be on the look out and take extra caution from the debris they expected to re-enter the atmosphere and cause a threat without burning up instead.

How is it that not a single reporter covering this story can think to ask if the two could be related or chase this lead!?! It's certainly appropriate isn't it? Again,
here's the direct link to the government website that catalogs the FAA advisory I referenced. This isn't just mere speculation since men and women much smarter than me at the FAA felt it was worth issuing a formal advisory to their pilots and crews.

Complicating matters are what could be other related reports from the state of Kentucky. In fact,
the National Weather Service (NOAA) issued a Public Information Statement for Jackson, KY on Friday 2/13 (again, the day after this plane crash!) that said:


This article from a CBS affiliate WKYT in Kentucky titled
"Loud Boom Rocks Southern Kentucky" confirms all of this too.

Again, I'm no expert, but in regards to the NOTAM advisories, shouldn't they have simply grounded all flights temporarily? I mean, how does an aircraft dodge a piece of falling space junk? Most likely they would never see it coming! I know we're in a economic crisis, but if there's a threat to the safety of American travelers the public needed to know the risks. Besides, the threat had to be significant enough to warrant that type of policy response because the same CBS affiliate in Kentucky also ran a story titled
"Space Debris Causes Alarm In Kentucky" in which they report that the debris could've covered a 500 mile area in North America! A similar report was given with eyewitness testimony in Tennessee on Friday (the day after this plane crash).

Not enough to warrant further explanation at the request of the press covering this story? How about
this news from Canada that:

"A man-made piece of the sky almost fell on Alberta Friday morning. NORAD called the federal government warning space debris from a Russian rocket appeared to be headed for the Calgary area. And a spokesperson for the Alberta Government says they were about to activate the Emergency Response Centre to warn affected areas. But the government suddenly received word the rocket debris had changed course, falling instead into the Atlantic Ocean."

Here we are Monday morning 2/16 and I read about similar stories in the state of Texas with the headline "Debris Falling In Texas Possibly From Satellites." Possibly? Ok, sure. This time there also seems to be some MAJOR DIFFERENCES in the report when compared to the others from previous days that are similar. For instance, the article says that the FAA issued a warning to all pilots on Saturday 2/14. Well, I guess we should be happy that they're at least admitting that an official advisory to watch for falling debris was issued. But why change the date? The evidence CLEARLY shows that it was originally made on Friday not Saturday.

So, the obvious question (at least it's obvious to me) is why hasn't this come up in ANY OF THE MAINSTREAM NEWS ARTICLES on the story of this crash? It's plausible to logically assume that it could've been a piece of debris that caused this plane crash simply due to the sheer magnitude of the debris created by this unprecedented cosmic event. Scientists are already saying that many of these thousands of pieces will be in orbit for decades or even centuries to come, and that we may soon have a need to build a space garbage retrieval system for them.

Another unsettling fact that still has yet to be explained to us adequately is that investigators are now saying that the plane DID NOT nosedive into the home as originally thought:

"The turboprop, flying through light snow and mist, crashed belly first into the house, with the aircraft's nose pointed away from the airport. Investigators did not offer an explanation, but the orientation raised the possibility that the pilot was fighting an icy airplane. Possible explanations are that the aircraft was spinning or flipped upon impact. According to the flight data recorder, the plane's safety systems warned the pilot that the aircraft was perilously close to losing lift and plummeting from the sky. Moments before the crash, a 'stick shaker' and 'stick pusher' mechanism had activated to warn the pilot that the plane was about to lose aerodynamic lift, a condition called a stall. When the 'stick pusher' engaged, it would have pointed the nose of the plane toward the ground to try to increase lift."

To review, the turboprop, flying through light snow and mist, CRASHED BELLY FIRST into the house. In other words, it was flying along without any problems or signs of distress and then - - almost as if someone flipped a switch - - the power went completely out (think about a car stalling) and the plane just dropped to the ground and crashed into the house belly first.

Not to make light of the seriousness of this subject, but it might help to picture cartoons to envision what they're saying happened here. Think Wile E. Coyote running off a cliff and then finding himself suspended in the air for a split second (but no longer moving forward) before looking down and free falling straight to the ground. Have anyone ever heard of something like that happening before with an aircraft? How does something like that even happen?

Oh yeah, one other fact from investigators that I failed to mention is that BEFORE the plan suddenly stopped dead in its tracks and dropped from the sky hitting the house belly first is that it first did a complete one hundred and eighty degree rotation since investigators are also telling us that the aircraft's nose was pointed away from the airport.

Ok, let me see if I understand this correctly. The "official" story as it stands today (a mere 4 days after the crash) even though the recovery, cleanup, and investigation continues is that "severe ice build-up on the airplane wings" caused the plane (during it's final approach to the airport) to rotate one hundred and eighty degrees (so that the nose was now pointed away from the airport!), and that at that precise moment the plane completely lost all power that it stalled and performed a free fall that caused it to land on the house belly first (because otherwise basic laws of physics would've dictated that if it gradually lost power the momentum would've carried it on an arc-like trajectory would it not?). I mean, man, that's some ice! Admittedly, I'm not a pilot and I don't know anyone who is so perhaps those who have insider knowledge on this subject can set me straight and confirm that ice build-up is a serious concern, and that it could conceivably cause a plane to react like this under the right conditions. Someone please tell me I'm crazy and that I have this all wrong! How can I be the only person asking these questions or thinking things through like this!?!

Oh, but wait! There's more! The above explanation of "severe ice build-up on the airplane wings" causing it to severely rotate, pitch, and roll was first offered Saturday 2/14 in the late evening hours. By Sunday 2/15 in the afternoon,
a new thread emerged:

"The commuter plane that crashed near Buffalo was on autopilot when it went down in icy weather, indicating that the pilot may have violated federal safety recommendations and the airline's own policy for flying in such conditions, a federal official said Sunday. Steve Chealander, a National Transportation Safety Board member, said the company that operated the flight recommends pilots fly manually in icy conditions. Pilots are required to do so in severe ice. The preliminary investigation indicates the autopilot was still on when the plane crashed, he said. That has not been confirmed by information from the plane's flight data recorder."

So, while the "official" story continues to change by the day - - as you'd expect in a case like this - - I still have to question why there hasn't been a single mention of these other important facts as being possibly connected to all of this. It's a logical assumption given the cold, hard facts. That's what disturbs me the most - - that these families may never know the truth of what took their loved ones from them so suddenly. All I want is for the truth to be heard even if investigators rule that falling debris had absolutely nothing to do with the crash. At least acknowledge the existence of the FAA NOTAM Advisory, and don't insult our intelligence or ability to handle the truth.

Look, it's definitely possible that it really was "severe ice build-up" that caused this crash, and that it had absolutely nothing to do with the debris from space at all - - period. That's fine. How will we ever know though unless someone - - anyone - - brings it up as a serious topic for discussion?

Deception, deception, deception! Welcome to the prophesied end times.

At this point, it's clearly too early to know for sure what caused this crash. Investigators say it may even take a full year for them to put all the pieces together. Fine. But for the sake of decency, and in honor of the memory of those who lost their lives and what they stood for, don't leave what could be a crucial piece of the puzzle out of the investigation when it should've been the very first thing looked at and ruled out.

While we wait for the truth to emerge I ask that you please say a prayer for everyone whose life has been affected by this horrible tragedy.

***UPDATE 2/17/09 : FAA Says Texas Fireball Was Meteor, Not A UFO : Curious headline. As if the existence of UFOs are already a known, documented fact. Shouldn't we naturally assume that it wasn't a UFO because we're told they don't exist, and yet this headline is telling us that it is one of two things, but that a UFO it wasn't. Bizarre. They seriously ruled out that it might be more of this falling debris from the satellite collission? That was quick!***

***UPDATE 2/18/09 : Mysterious Hot Metal Falls From Sky, Crashes Through Business; FAA Investigating : How are we the only ones questioning whether or not there's something bigger going on here that the FAA (government) doesn't want us to know about? There's simply too many of these reports from just the last week alone! Can someone get to the bottom of all of this as we continue to pursue the truth?***

***UPDATE 2/20/09 : Three days have passed and not a single reply from any of the 12 Buffalo News reporters I contacted asking them if they could please ask investigators to rule out a possible connection to whatever it is that's falling from the skies in North America especially in light of that FAA NOTAM Advisory, the Texas Fireball, and the NJ Falling Metal. Their silence is deafening.***

***UPDATE 2/20/09 : Buffalo Crash Investigator Once Held Nuclear Codes : The public face of the probe into the crash of Continental Connection Flight 3407 is a 62-year-old former Air Force fighter pilot and stunt flyer deemed so trustworthy he once carried the nuclear codes for President Ronald Reagan! Steven Chealander found himself in his most high-profile role yet as one of five National Transportation Safety Board members who head to a crash site at a minute's notice. On Thursday, Chealander told The Associated Press he would be leaving the NTSB at the end of this month. President Bush had nominated him to continue serving but he was not confirmed before the new administration and new Congress took office.***

***UPDATE 2/20/09 :
Severe Turbulence Injures 50 On Tokyo-Bound Flight : Severe turbulence jolted a Tokyo-bound Northwest Airlines flight from the Philippines on Friday, injuring 50 passengers and crew members, a company spokesman said. Four passengers were hospitalized, including one person with a serious neck injury, said Masashi Takahashi, spokesman for Northwest Airlines in Tokyo. The 46 others, including seven crew members, received light injuries, he said. Turbulence hit the plane while it was circling off the coast of Chiba, east of Tokyo, about 30 minutes before landing at Tokyo's Narita airport, he said. The plane suddenly descended, sending passengers without their seatbelts fastened lurching from their seats, he said. The Boeing 747-400 plane was carrying 408 passengers and 14 crew members. Japanese TV networks showed passengers holding their heads and necks as they left the plane. Nothing substantial about this either I guess. Right. Because this happens all the time too.***


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  1. Armageddon Thru To You said...

    I trust nothing from the lame-stream media. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we later learn something about the circumstances of this event that calls into question the reason officially cited for the crash.

    I'm not into conspiracy theories either, but more and more, I wonder if the fear of being called a conspiracy nut is in fact a fear instilled in us through peer pressure, etc., by the powers referenced in Eph 6:12 to get us not to think about such things.

  2. Nate Lewis said...

    I don't want to sound like a conspiracy nut, but something just doesn't sit right in my gut on this. Even my wife, who is the furthest from suspicious, thinks it sounds to perfect. Don't you find it just downright uncanny how 2 truth seekers, who were thorns in the sides of the last 2 presidential administrations happen to be on the same airplane and die in this crash? Check these links out below and you will find out how difficult they were to our government.

    Beverly Eckert

    Alison Des Forges

  3. Anonymous said...

    Be encouraged Brother!

    Your genuine quest for truth in a world of 'doublespeake lies' is commendable.

    It was Lord Byron who said, 'Truth is like a gemstone found at great depth, whilest on the surface of this world all things are weighed by the false scale of custom.'

    Sadly, the prevailing custom is LIES, LIES and more LIES! Also, remember the kingdoms of
    this world belong to Satan. See Matthew 4:8-9
    Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and sheweth him all the kingdoms of the world, and the glory of them;

    And saith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt
    fall down and worship me.

    Now, to the accident: If the A/C 'stickshaker' did in fact activate as reported while the
    A/C control and navigation was being maintained by the A/C autopilot in confirmed rhime icing
    conditions; the probability of an aerodynamic stall [loss of lift] is Imo, certain.


    Captain B-737/200/300/400 [retired]

  4. JRed said...

    Hal, I was so glad to see that a pilot with exper knowledge commented. I was wondering if you can please explain to the rest of us how even if a plane stalls completely it is able to stop in mid-air and drop straight to the ground (Wile E. Coyote / Roadrunner cartoons come to mind) without the laws of physics, perpetual motion, inertia, momentum (whatever you want to call it) carrying it forward still or at least on somehwhat of an arc-like trajectory. What am I missing here not being a science expert or pilot?

    As for the rest of you who commented, you'll be happy to know that I contacted 12 reporters from The Buffalo News a few hours ago asking them to please ask investigators to rule out the falling debris as a potential cause especially since the FAA Advisory was issued along with several other documented reports of sonic booms and falling debris due to the satellite collission. I merely asked them why that wasn't the very first thing ruled out given the evidence, and asked them to please point me in the right direction if I missed that question being asked formally by the media.

    Plus, I learned today from the updated list of victims that was published that I knew one of them professionally as I interviewed one of the men on board a few years back a couple of times for some Engineering positions some clients were looking to fill. So, obviously, I had a personal interest in their response.

    Thanks again for your comments.


    Jeff (JRed)

  5. 2John17 said...

    Radio contact between the tower and flight 3407 gave no indication of a problem. Then all of sudden no further contact. You would expect to hear a "Mayday", yelling, screaming, we're going down.....anything. But there was nothing. Instead, just the air traffic controller asking a nearby Delta pilot in the area if he had a visual. Apparently ice caused some sort of pitch and roll...AND disabled all communication. Hmmm.

    If the NWO oligarchy can kill nearly 3000 on 9/11, would 50 more be that much of a stretch if it silenced one Beverly Eckert?

    As I understand it, EMP weaponry could easily disable an aircraft and therefore make a crash look like an accident.

    The path is being cleared for the next false flag operation. Beware.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Your readers might also want to check out this link to a partial list of crash victims that also includes some investigative commentary: