Is This His "Test" We Were Told About?

Posted by JRed

One can only wonder if this has anything to do with the "mark my words" prophecy Vice President Joe Biden spoke of back in October.

In case you missed any of our coverage of his shocking statements please read this and also this for more background info.

Today, not only will people around the world be looking to the skies for the arrival of Comet Lulin, but they'll also be watching the skies for any signs of a North Korean Taepodong 2 intermediate-range ballistic missile, which intelligence experts say may be capable of firing nukes on Western United States.

Satellite imagery has shown increased activity at a missile site over the past 72 hours, and ahead of the possible launch, the U.S., Japan, and South Korea have increased intelligence collection efforts, including sorties of reconnaissance aircraft and the deployment of Aegis-equipped naval vessels and specialized reconnaissance ships.

On a regional tour, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton urged North Korea to halt "provocative actions." It remains to be seen whether or not they'll actually listen to that request.

Matthew 24:6 - - "And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet."

Keep looking up!

***UPDATE 2/24/09 : North Korea Says It Is Preparing Satellite Launch : Satellite or long-range missle? North Korea said Tuesday it is preparing to shoot a satellite into orbit, its clearest reference yet to an impending launch that neighbors and the U.S. suspect will be a provocative test of a long-range missile. The statement from the North's space technology agency comes amid growing international concern that the communist nation is gearing up to fire a version of its most advanced missile — capable of reaching the U.S. — in coming days, in violation of a U.N. Security Council resolution. North Korea asserted last week it has the right to "space development" — words the regime has used in the past to disguise a missile test. In 1998, North Korea test-fired a Taepodong-1 ballistic missile over Japan and then claimed to have put a satellite into orbit.

***UPDATE 2/26/09 : U.S. Ready To Respond To North Korea Missile : Admiral Keating Tells ABC News U.S. Prepared to Shoot Down Missile If Obama Gives OK. "If a missile leaves the launch pad we'll be prepared to respond upon direction of the president," Keating told ABC News. "I'm not a betting man but I'd go like 60/40, 70/30 that it will, they will attempt to launch a satellite. There's equipment moving up there that would indicate the preliminary stages of preparation for a launch. So I'd say it's more than less likely. Should it look like it's not a satellite launch -- that it's something other than a satellite launch -- we'll be ready to respond."***


  1. Armageddon Thru To You said...

    Have you had a chance to watch the Daniel's Timeline video series yet?

  2. JRed said...


    In fact, yes, I just watched it yesterday! I'm preparing my review and a post or two on it that should appear here either later today or first thing tomorrow morning. Stay tuned!

    In Christ,

    Jeff (JRed)

  3. Nate said...

    This sounds like a page ripped out of Joel Rosenbergs latest book Dead Heat. If you haven't read it you should as this article could overlay portions of his book.

  4. JRed said...

    Now I'm curious! Have you read the book? If so, can you give us a brief synopsis? The only book I'm familiar with by him (I believe he wrote it) is Epicenter. In any event, this is a situation I've been watching VERY closely for obvious reasons.

    On a side note, thanks for the links via Facebook email. I plan to spend some time with that soon, but I've been putting the finishing touches on several new columns set to publish tomorrow that all tie together and should be very significant prophetically speaking. Glory be to God as He continues to show us the truth!

    In Christ,

    Jeff (JRed)