Meeting The Obamassiah

Posted by JRed

An enthusiastic Edison State College student - - Julio Osegueda - - asked President Obama a question at a town hall meeting in Fort Myers, FL on February 10, 2009.

What's the deal with this kid let alone the student frenzy that takes place in the back of the auditorium? That's a little over the top even for a well-liked politician isn't it? I mean, he's just a human being like you and me.

On second thought, I guess it's to be expected when "The One" says he'll actually pick one of the common folk (you know, the peons or those so far below him like you and me) to give them the rare opportunity to ask our Dear Leader a question.

But wait 'cause there's more unusual behavior. Unfortunately, the folks at Shattered Paradigm stole my thunder (and did an excellent job commenting on this very same subject), but here's another video that you might have missed. This commercial creeps me out every time I see it:

Does all of this disturb anyone else like it disturbs me? Still think that the world's not on the cusp of seeing the Antichrist and the Tribulation?

The pure euphoria and joy these people are expressing in response to one man - - a mere mortal (and a politician to boot!) - - is eerily indicative of what things will be like when the prophesied Antichrist introduces himself to the world and gains the world's acceptance and worship. It will be a smooth and seamless transition for sure.

Now, before anyone reading this shoots off hate email at me please take a deep breath and rest because I'm not pointing the finger at President Obama and saying that he's categorically and without a doubt the prophesied Antichrist. At the very least, however, he's laying a pretty good foundation and setting the stage quite nicely for the Antichrist to arrive and step into his destiny.

One final thought about our friend Julio and the "Obamabots" out there like him. No offense, but can you imagine a Civilian National Security Force made up of these individuals living in our communities and serving as the "thought police" (the administration's eyes and ears) in this one nation under Obama?

Another reason why the current economic crisis could be used as a springboard to institute change we'd rather not believe in. Maybe they'll propose that because times are so tough and there's so many decent, honest people out of work all you have to do is sign up to join the Civilian National Security Force. Not only will you be doing a good thing for the world community as a dutiful global citizen, but you'll also be rewarded and compensated financially by the government each week/month for your service and dedication.

Ah, I can see it now it all its glorious wonder! Let's remember, it was White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who hinted as much when he recently quipped, "You never want a serious crisis to go to waste."

My gosh, that's a frightening scenario! This is all going way too far isn't it? I mean, I think (I hope) even those who voted for an support him 100% can agree with me on that, right?


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  1. gibby62 said...

    I don't know if you saw another clip where The One chose a woman in the audience who cried about losing her home. As Pres. Obama approached the women to hug her, in the background was an awe-struck woman who you can clearly see saying "I love you, Barack". That freaked us (including my 13 year old daugher) out more than the student.

    Also, don't know if you saw Glenn Beck's special on Friday. It was AWESOME!!

  2. Armageddon Thru To You said...

    Gibby62, was that the Glenn Beck episode with Gerald Celente? If not, what was the topic of the show?

  3. gibby62 said...

    Armageddon (very intimidating name, BTW): The very same show. Guess he's been getting quite a bit of negative feedback. I applaud his efforts. Watched it with my daughter. I think 2014 was an arbitrary date. I don't see things taking that long.