Operation Blackjack

Posted by JRed

NOTE: A reader just informed me that Part 5 of the UK's "Operation Blackjack" has just been published. However, at the time of this writing it no longer appears on the website, and seems to have been removed. Luckily, I found someone who took the time to put it into video form on YouTube so we can still look at this today. If you thought the previous 4 parts were bizarre and inflammatory you haven't seen anything yet! Plus, what was originally presented as a 3-4 part series now seems to be ongoing without any end. Interesting. I will re-post this piece with updates every time a new episode is published. Keep looking up! MARANATHA!!!

Some of you are already very familiar with this.

For those of you who are seeing this for the first time, I'm curious about the impact it has on you given what we know about Biblical prophecy as well as what we've been discussing here for the past several months.

Watch this 5-part slideshow of images (part 6 soon to be released) captured in video form called "Operation Blackjack" courtesy of one of the world's largest and most respected newspapers - - the UK's London Telegraph:

Operation Blackjack - Part 1

Operation Blackjack - Part 2

Operation Blackjack - Part 3

Operation Blackjack - Part 4

Operation Blackjack - Part 5

What is your initial reaction to all of this especially in light of some of the things we've looked at recently involving the very real push to establish the prophesied one-world government (complete with a one-world economy, military, and religion) in addition to all the posts about the possibility of Martial Law being declared in the United States?

Let's remember that this gallery is featured on a section of the UK's Telegraph (one of the oldest and most respected newspapers in the world) website dedicated to art, culture, film and music, but seemingly holds no artistic credence whatsoever, comprising merely of a series of crude pictures designed to instill fear into the viewer. The series of images is also replete with occult symbols with which those who have researched the Illuminati (and other secret societies) will be familiar.


* Who is the author?
* Why is it being featured on a major UK newspaper?
* What is it doing in the “Arts & Culture” section of a major British newspaper?
* What on earth is the purpose of this “photo gallery” published here?
* Why does it contain so many threatening, inflammatory, offensives things?
* Why have requests for information been met with harsh reactions?
* Why have requests for information been met with no explanation whatsoever?
* Is this someone’s sick fantasy or are we being prepared for something?
* Why has this series become and on-going feature?

Doesn't it bother you that this seems to continue a disturbing trend of announcing their plans before they attempt them? Then again, their motto is "Hidden In Plain Sight" or something to that effect is it not?

Look, how uncanny is it that we had that Lone Gunmen (X-Files spin off) that predicted 9/11 months before it happened? Did you know the director got this idea directly from the CIA, which served as a consultant as they always have to Hollywood dating back to their inception?

The implication of this and of that relationship between Hollywood and a government agency (if not solely the media and government agencies) is enough to cause suspicion, and yet any mere mention of collusion is answered with loud charges of being a "conspiracy theorist" who has obviously lost it.

It's a brilliant strategy! And we simply continue to play our part and go along with that line of thinking because that's what we've been conditioned to believe. Fortunately, the good Lord is beginning to open hearts and minds to the truth about what's really going on all around us. The question is whether or not we're willing to accept it.

There are many more examples like this one of the government giving advance warning as a sort of psychological conditioning mechanism. Is that was this "Operation Blackjack" is all about?

It pains me to point the finger at my country and government even if it's only a small faction of powerful individuals who are ultimately responsible because I love this country dearly, but I also can't deny what's right in front of me either. I think it was Mark Twain that wrote, "Truth is stranger than fiction." Indeed.

If the above slideshow doesn't make you raise your eyebrows you should know that I also just read (in an article from the SAME source - - The UK's Telegraph!) that President Obama has been warned that apparently Brit terrorists are the biggest threat to U.S. these days since around 40% of CIA activity on homeland threats is now in the UK.

Hmmm, more of them conditioning us to accept this future reality are they? Wasn't it "homegrown terrorists" and a "Christian Doomsday Cult" that joined forces with "Islamists" to perpetrate these attacks in this "fictional" account in Part 1? That's odd.

Feel free to light up the Comments Section with your thoughts and analysis because I'm sure many of you find this as unsettling as I do.

Not that I'm fearful or ruled by a spirit of anxiety over what the future may bring, but angry that it's becoming more and more obvious by the day that those in power know what's going to unfold (or that they at least have a definite plan of attack in mind to help advance their ultimate goal), and yet they do absolutely nothing to prevent the death and destruction of millions of innocent lives from occurring. Worse is the fact that many people now privy to this information still won't believe any of it.

Lord have mercy! Come quickly Lord!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    2/13/2009 Friday. The final part of the UK Telegraph's 'fictional' drama about a series of nuclear attacks and the formation of a western totalitarian government. BUT the ending says.... To be continued....


    I did upload in High Quality but you must hit full screen.

    Thank you for your feature. I am really curious to see what others see as it relates to symbolism.

    Your Denver correlation was interesting to say the least! Thank you readers and JRed!


  2. Armageddon Thru To You said...

    Thought you'd find this interesting...


  3. Anne said...

    I was able to access this at The London Telegraph online today, Feb 17 at about 9:15pm ct. I went to the home page and did a search for Operation Blackjack and got all 5.

    My reaction when I first saw this a week or so ago? What in the world is this about?? I'd like to see an explanation!

  4. Anonymous said...

    Tues. 2-17-2009
    RE: "Blackjack" films
    On the infowars.com website there is a small article by a poster named "Cryptogon." In it Cryptogon mentions what he/she terms "howlers". "C" focuses attention on how the "Illuminati" adore the use of symbolism. ??Meaning?? There are two views commented on; (1)the parked white van's emblazoned logo (2)ferris wheel near the water w/ mushroom cloud in background. If y'all do some "googling" you might find a few more commentaries on this dark "entertainment." And yes it is getting very dark. Just another reason to "look up for our redemption draws near!"

  5. gibby62 said...

    Did anyone notice the date on the Boston Globe newspaper?? June 21, 2011. That means that the original attacks would have to take place between 2008 and 2010 (at the latest), but in order for all the things to happen that they outline it would realistically have to take place sooner than later.

    Ironically, I honestly don't believe that even if the UNA was dissolved that it would result in the things like the ID cards and chipping to go away. They would probably not eliminate the prison sentences or camps. It sounds like the Civil War that some have been talking about and that forces loyal to the new govt. are still large and formidable even after the govt is outed for being fraudulent and corrupt (kind of like now).

    Denver is where the new UNA government is setup (and Obama signed America's financial death warrant). It's also where the trials are held for the "executive" from the former govt. And let's not forget, it's also where Obama accepted his party's nomination in his "Greek" setting.

    My heart skipped a beat on the slide that tied the vaccination to an implant, but seemingly separated it from the financial system. Clever, very clever.

    I've been thinking about the "Christian Doomsday Cultists" reference. Probably because it's not something that has been reported in the MSM (mainstream media) before and not even something I've heard on any of the blogs. Here's an interesting theory...what if the Christian doomsday cultists are something that comes about as a result of the Rapture??? Not trying to start a debate on Rapture timing or anything, but just suggesting that SOMETHING dramatic would have to happen to put something like this on the radar. One installment shows the FEMA camps and talks about roundups of those "responsible" with train cars reminiscent of WW2 Holocaust. That would be a whole lot of responsible people and would definitely give people a reason to persecute Christians, especially those who are not or at least, no longer, lukewarm. If it's not the Rapture, it would have to be something like the Antichrist blatantly making himself known with no question as to who he was.

  6. gibby62 said...

    Also, did anyone notice the green snake on the van in Toronto?? My daughter picked up on that right away.

  7. JRed said...

    Many very keen observations so thank you all for sharing and keeping this discussion going.

    ATTY, I was floored when I read the title of that link you provided:

    "Did you catch it? CEO of NAMASTE introducing Obama today?"

    It's almost as if Satan (and his helpers here on Earth) are becoming so cocky with everything that they could care less about whether or not the sleight of hand reveals them and their plans or not.

    Simply amazing! God will not be mocked and of course we know how the story ends.


    Jeff (JRed)

  8. gibby62 said...

    Speaking of cocky, did anyone see the cover of Vogue with Michelle Obama? Notice the positioning of her left hand. That CAN'T be natural!!! Also, Michelle Obama is the First Lady the WORLD's been waiting for??

  9. Anonymous said...

    PART 1 Symbolism: June 22nd. 22 from June 22nd. is a double 11, and they put 11 into any event that directly aids the rise of their one world government. Then the time is 8:03:27, 8+0+3 from 8:03 is 11, and from the seconds 27, you have 2+7=9, so you have an 11:9, or a 9-11. Also if you take the 22 from June 22nd, you have a double 11, and you get a third 11 from 8:03 (8+3=11). So you have 3 11s, and in numerology, when you take a number 3 times over, you give it the highest power of that number.

    The reason 11 is used to represent any event that directly aids the rise of their one world government is because their one world government and the path to obtain it is above the law, and in numerology 10 is the number of laws (based on the 10 conmandments), and 11 is one above that, making 11 above the law in numerology. The astrology is that it is near the time of the northern solstice, and they like to make blood sacrifices on the solstices.

    Also in Part 5 The symbols and dates and numbers, codes used are intestersting. Date on the Press Representative ID card is 09-11-11.

  10. gibby62 said...

    Don't forget the significance of the summer soltice in the date of the attacks!!

  11. gibby62 said...

    Also, "New Dawn Productions" has quite a bit to do with NWO lingo from Obama.

    Obama Promises A New Dawn of American Leadership
    McCain Graciously Concedes to Obama, the Nation's First Black President
    Nov. 5, 2008

    Scientists See New Dawn For Science Under Obama
    By Sacha Pfeiffer

    Obama team promises 'new dawn'
    By Jim Lobe

    WASHINGTON - Introducing the top figures in his national security team in Chicago on Monday, United States president-elect Barack Obama promised a "new dawn of American leadership" that will be marked by much greater emphasis on diplomacy and multilateralism than the incumbent George W Bush administration.

    Talk of the Nation, November 6, 2008 · In his victory speech on Tuesday night, Barack Obama addressed his worldwide audience: "Our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared," he said, "and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand."

    A New Dawn: Barack Obama Inaugurated 44th President
    Jan 20th 2009
    By Julie Gerstein

    From The TimesJanuary 20, 2009
    New dawn begins for Barack Obama on Day 1

    Friday, February 13, 2009
    Biotech industry sees new dawn with ObamaTriangle Business Journal - by Richard R. Rogoski

    A New Dawn? Biden unveils America's new foreign policy

    In fact there are 2,040,000 hits for "New Dawn Obama".

    Yes, we live in interesting times!!!

  12. Anonymous said...

    I'm responding to the number "11" scenario mentioned by "gibby62": has anyone ever noticed that whenever the Twin Towers were aerial-viewed from a distance that their resemblance to a certain number was blatantly obvious?

  13. Anonymous said...

    My apologies to "gibby62" for erroneously referring to her/him as the poster regarding the numerological aspect of PART 1 of this film series; an "Anonymous" post is the correct referent.

  14. gibby62 said...

    Want more number "coincidences"?? Our money markets lost $550M on 09/11 between 8-10 exactly 7 years after the 09/11/2001 attacks. In fact, if it had continued our entire financial and government structure would have collapsed, not to mention the entire world.

    7 is considered God's #, but is also considered the same in the occult which is why the attack on our financial systems took place 7 years after the original attacks.

  15. JRed said...


    I enjoy all the supporting evidence and analysis you bring to this community of believers so please keep it up!

    The "New Dawn" phrase is DEFINITELY something I was aware of through the reports/articles you referenced, but just didn't have the time to include them all in this piece. I'm glad someone brought it up though b/c it's clearly a means of communicating things between each other.

    It's becoming so obvious now that it's laughable how anyone can deny any of this.

    In Christ,

    Jeff (JRed)

  16. Anonymous said...

    Another interesting note is that CERN had their celbratory start on 9-11-2008 and just this month said they would not be up an running again until Sept 2009.

    Off topic a wee bit: Anybody having changes in seeing 11:11? Lately I have been "seeing 1:11 and 4:11 more then ever and not the 11:11 irritant. Just a curious question wondering if just me or if others have been having this change. Also check out in You Tube the "Project Blue Beam?" image- freaky stuff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9idAkMEFaE