Week In Review

Posted by JRed


  1. john said...

    as a fellow western new yorker and a remnant watcher!!!! i feel it is necesary to worn you! there is no rapture and the apostacy is the great falling away of the corporate
    christian church. which is allredy well on its way to accepting the abomiation of desolation! which is relenquihing there god given birth rite!! to the fisical jews who are in jerusalem, but are only jews outwardly. spiritualy they are of there father satan and his church.
    they follow other gods and sacrifice to them on a regular basis and soon are going to ask you to sacifice at satans alter along with them. i suggest you re read the prophets and the new testament don't take my word for it study it for your self in a king james 1611 bible.
    also here is a link to a very wise and prophetic man https://www.christianmediadaily.com/
    the truth is out there and JESUS CHRIST is very close to returning.
    so seek the one true GOD YHVH and his only begotten son YESHUA and he will lead you to the truth of reality!!!! do not fall for the man made allusion of this world.

  2. JRed said...


    Thanks for visiting and for sharing your thoughts.

    My position on the Rapture is evolving as I continue to study the subject more closely than I ever have before in my life.

    In fact, I'll have a post on the subject tomorrow probably, and may even follow-up with another once I've had a chance to look closely at a few things that are weighing on me lately about the Rapture.

    Please watch for those and feel free to add your comments to keep the discussion going.

    In Christ,

    Jeff (JRed)