What's Going On In New Jersey?

Posted by JRed

I'm not holding my breath for anyone of political stature or respectability to come clean and tell me what's really going on in the skies over North America let alone the state of New Jersey these days.

One thing we know for sure is that the skies are filled with activity! It's crazy!

So, we'll try to uncover the truth on our own instead. Strange weirdness. Suffice it to say that NJ is now a lightning rod for the unexplained:

Mystery Lights Return To NJ On The 17th
"PARSIPPANY, N.J. (AP) — Once again, mysterious red lights have residents in north-central New Jersey scratching their heads. It's the third time in about a month that Morris County residents have reported seeing the lights. Police in Morris Plains, Morris Township, Hanover and Morristown each reported getting a few calls from residents Tuesday night. The callers say they saw as many as 10 red lights floating in the sky, moving in unison and in the same direction as the wind from about 8:45 p.m. to 9 p.m."

Followed by this related story:

Prosecutor Investigates Red Lights, Citing Possible Danger To Aircraft
"The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the red lights that have been spotted flying over Morris County on several occasions during the past month, most recently on Tuesday night, with officials saying they may present a hazard to airplanes."

But that's not enough:

3rd Earthquake In As Many Weeks Rattles New Jersey
"For the third time in three weeks, a small earthquake has rattled an area of north-central New Jersey. No damage or injuries were reported from the 2.3 magnitude quake, which was recorded shortly before 1:42 a.m. Wednesday. Scott DiGiralomo, a coordinator with the county's office of emergency management, says the epicenter was just over a mile outside Dover. It was felt mostly by people in Denville and Randolph. The quake is the third to hit Morris County since February 2nd. "

And finally this:

FAA: Falling Metal Did Not Come From Airplane
"The Federal Aviation Administration says a piece of hot metal that crashed through the roof of a Jersey City business did not come from an airplane. FAA spokeswoman Arlene Salac says investigators examined the metal and determined it is made of cast iron, which is not used in airplanes. She says it's up to local authorities to determine where the object came from. Owner Al Smith was fork-lifting a sofa onto a wooden storage platform around 10 a.m. at his moving company when he heard a sound he thought was a bomb. A piece of warm metal the size of a brick came crashing through the roof just steps from where he was standing. It splintered a wooden beam and crashed into a shelf. Officials at the scene also confirmed to WCBS radio that the metal was too hot to touch for about 30 minutes after crashing through the roof."

I love how the FAA has owned up to all of this. Just hours after the event they were certain it was from an airplane, and now they say there's no way. Rather than help out in the investigation they absolve themselves of any responsibility by saying that it's now up to the local authorities to determine its origin.

Gee, thanks. I guess they still have their hands full with the plane crash here in Buffalo, NY. By the way, I'm still waiting for one of the 12 Buffalo News reporters I contacted to respond to my email simply requesting a statement in regards to the FAA's NOTAM Advisory to pilots and their crews to watch for falling debris.

The silence is deafening. How can this be a non-related story especially since it's only a week after the crash? The mere fact that no one (and I mean no one) in the press or from the government wants to discuss it or even acknowledge it should give us a clear indication that there's something else going on here that we're not being told about. How can one not assume that?

Let's pray that the truth comes out.

(NOTE: Thanks to The Secret Sun for doing all the work on this one!)

***UPDATE 2/19/09 : Wyrd New Jersey Keeps Getting Weirder... : Total of earthquakes is now up to 4! Plus, now there have been a new batch of sightings involving strange lights that differ from the previous reports! And an unusual power outage to boot!***

***UPDATE 2/23/09 : Unusual Light Shines In Arizona Sky : Something strange was seen in the sky over the Phoenix, Arizona valley on Saturday night. A Scottsdale resident reported seeing a light hovering over the city that could not be identified. One local astronomer said the most likely culprit is the Comet Lulin which can be seen from earth right now. However, that comet is supposed to seen in the eastern sky. Saturday's object was seen in the west. In the video player above, you can see that the light appears to move slightly away from the camera, but without a frame of reference, it may be the camera that is moving further away from the object. This is the second time in a week that a peculiar site has been seen in the sky in America's south. On February 15th, Texans saw an unusual object come crashing down in the clear Sunday morning sky. The FAA explained that it was not a UFO or fireball, but a meteor the size of a pickup truck.***

***UPDATE 2/25/09 : Weird Lights In Sky May Be Linked : Then again, maybe not. Check out yet another story about unexplained lights in the sky this time over San Diego, CA yesterday. Watch this video news report, which dismisses the "official" explanation that this is related to the failed NASA Taurus XL Satellite launch because of the obvious time discrepancy. Again, what is going on in the skies over our heads these days?***

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