When Science Confirms Truth

Posted by JRed

I always love it when I learn about cases when science confirms truth. Better yet, whenever science confirms Biblical truth that's when my smile widens.

That's why the results of
this latest children's study was especially gratifying. Ironically, it came from an organization in the UK, which has sadly become very secular in recent years.

The report by the Children’s Society, which runs social work projects with runaways and other deprived children, comes against a background of growing political debate over the direction of the family. Bob Reitemeier, Chief Executive of the Children's Society, said the report was a "wake-up call" for the whole of society. He said, "Essentially the report brings a taboo into the open which is that we have to confront our selfish and individualistic culture."

It was just another in a long line of scientific studies over recent years that unanimously prove the benefits of a two parent family to children:

The study also reconfirmed that children do best when brought up by two parents with a "longterm commitment" to each other.

In the British political landscape, the findings throw a fresh question mark over the Labour Party's family and benefit policies, which support and reward single parents at the expense of couples, and which have sidelined marriage as a lifestyle choice with no value for children. Tory Party leader David Cameron has pledged to end this "couple penalty" in the benefit system.

Score a point for moral values and the traditional family.