Babylon Rising

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I can't believe I missed this from last week! Take a look at the photo gallery I found about Babylon, Iraq as the ancient and infamous city was in the news in a "rebirth" kind of way.

A winged, human-headed bull on display at Iraq's National Museum, which reopened on Monday February 23, 2009. The museum closed in 2003 after it was looted in the wake of the U.S.-led forces entering Iraq.

Part of an exhibit in the Assyrian Hall. Only about a quarter of the estimated 15,000 artifacts stolen from the museum have been recovered.

The reopening of the museum is an important milestone for the Iraqi government in the long road back to normality.

During his visit Mr. Maliki toured the artifacts on display. He described the looting of 2003 as having taken place in Iraq's "dark age."

A detail from one of the exhibits. One of the museum's galleries is now dedicated to some of the looted items retrieved from inside Iraq and another to those returned from abroad.

One of the newly refurbished exhibition halls. Not all of the galleries are open yet. There remains a lot of work to to do before a comprehensive selection of the museum's treasures can be displayed.

A museum employee poses with a statue to mark the reopening. But some scholars have criticised the timing. They say more work is needed to bring the displays up to modern standards.

An Iraqi security officer walks through the Assyrian Hall. Museum officials say enough material is on display to make a visit worthwhile and the rest will follow in time.

It was interesting to see this all over the international news only a day after the Academy Awards, which clearly mimics Babylon as well as evidenced in the picture below.

It's also unusual timing to secularists I'm sure (perfect timing for those of us who see all the other signs occurring simultaneously) who have to wonder about all the sudden and excessive interest in an ancient city in Iraq. I mean, after all, what's the point of investing there especially with the way the economy's going? What Westerner is going to want to travel to a war-torn nation - - let alone the Middle East - - for the annual family vacation?

Yet, that's precisely what one could anticipate happening very soon as the world gears up to rebuild and restore Babylon as the birthplace of civilization. Here's one such report. Of course, we all know that it was the Babylonian culture that bastardized and perverted much of God's creation. Whether it was trying to form a one-world government, trying to predict the future through witchcraft, sorcery, and magic, creating Astrology and the Zodiac horoscopes (a perversion of God's natural revelation to us through Astronomy), or attempting to become gods and reach the heavens themselves all the pride and corruption has its roots there.

Let's take a quick look at this ancient society:

The Babylonian Mind
(NOTE: I wonder...Will the Chronophage become a featured attraction in this new museum one day? Is it the timepiece of the gods who many believe will return to Earth to rule from their seat of supernatural power in Babylon?)

Towers Of Babel

For 2,000+ years Babylon has haunted the imagination. The Tower of Babel, the Hanging Gardens, Belshazzar’s Feast, and the Fall of Babylon have been embedded in our collective consciousness and inspired artists, writers, poets, philosophers and filmmakers. Unfortunately, instead of remembering our distant past solely through the arts and holding it in some form of contempt, we seem eager to embrace it again through a golden age of rediscovery and tangible restoration.

Of course, we know that's because this is PRECISELY what God said would happen. Scripture says Babylon will be completely destroyed and no one will ever live there again. It will be a place for creatures of the night. This prophecy has never been fulfilled. People have lived there and are still living there today. The complete prophetic fulfillment apparently is still in the future. According to Bible end times prophecy, the city of Babylon is destroyed near the end of the age just before the return of Jesus Christ. Many scholars question whether Babylon in prophecy is actually a physical place or if it should just represent the religious or economic systems of the world.

Here's the point: We should view Babylon as the ultimate "gate of heaven" or "gate of the god," which just happens to be the very meaning of the name "Babylon." Similarly, the name given to the historical Tower of Babel, "Etemenanki," meant "the house of the foundation of heaven and earth" (i.e. a gate to heaven). Let that sit with you for a few moments after recalling things examined under a microscope in "Transform Your Mind: The Sky Is Falling!" and "Full Disclosure Imminent" from last week.

I didn't plan on the week going this way, but as I continue to iron out a few things in the Rapture series of articles I promised, I'll be putting out a fascinating piece over the next day or two instead that continues with this Babylon theme, but asks if perhaps we missed something (something that would undoubtedly confirm these are the prophesied end times) that was right under our noses for the past few years.

Stay tuned...Keep looking up!

"Unleash The Dogs Of War..."

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280 Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
Shall cumber all the parts of Italy.
Blood and destruction shall be so in use,
And dreadful objects so familiar,
That mothers shall but smile when they behold

285 Their infants quartered with the hands of war,
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds,
And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice

290 Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war,
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.

The title of this thread refers to a variation of William Shakespeare’s quote, “Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war...” from Julius Caesar, Act 3, Scene 1. On Monday 3/2 Steve Quayle sat down with his regular guest - - insider and analyst known simply as "Hawk" - - and they discussed the state of the world as it exists today.

I don't need to tell you that they too recognize that the planet is teetering on the edge of the abyss. In this broadcast they spell it out in no uncertain terms.The show could easily be called the most important broadcast of Quayle's career especially if even just a few of the things they discussed are accurate.

The title of the show leaves nothing to the imagination: "Prelude To A Bloodbath - Now It Begins." I've decided to delay the release of my latest series that will examine the Rapture, and I'm including it here for obvious reasons. Just click on the above show title for the direct link to the audio file.

Now that you listened to their discussion what do you think? Is there any merit to all of this? Should we be concerned (not to foster a spirit of fear, but to foster a spirit of preparation for what's to come)? I will say that it seems to mesh with what I just wrote about the volatile conditions in Mexico and the unique threat that could pose to the continental Untied States.

To top it all off, we saw and heard Glenn Beck on Fox & Friends yesterday discussing FEMA Camps on a mainstream news channel:

Maybe he's been reading my columns from a month ago. All kidding aside, whenever the government/corporate controlled, agenda-driven so-called mainstream media begins allowing such things on the air you have to wonder if it's all part of a "conditioning process." Look, I hate to sound like a "conspiracy nut," but with everything going on, and with civil unrest a definite possibility short term, it isn't too far-fetched to think this is phase one of that conditioning process.

Lastly, I also found this about recent developments in Minnesota:

Truth or irrational fears? As always, please take this information under prayerful consideration to our Lord, and ask Him for the wisdom and discernment to know how to react to all of this. Then, be sure to recall all the other times we studied this subject over the past few months by reading the reports in the "Recommended Reading" section below.

Ask yourself whether or not you think they are so far from the truth or so close to it that our response needs to be urgent. Pray that the shed Blood of Jesus Christ washes over you and your loved ones for protection, and that you are all counted worthy to escape the evil that is coming up this world.

Keep looking up! Maranatha!

Finding Comfort Where Others Find Fear

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Situation In Mexico Getting Worse

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We've read conflicting reports regarding the true state of affairs and conditions in Mexico.

A few weeks back, I reported that Mexico was on the verge of collapse and that the U.S. federal government and military was worried about this possibility. Strangely enough, that would seem quite prescient since the "collapse of Mexico" was promoted as the primary reason for our government creating FEMA Camps and the operation known as Rex-84.

I've also received comments from those who claim to have first-hand knowledge that refutes the "official" story we're getting in the media (or I should say what little bit of info we're getting in the mainstream media these days about this).

However, I came across two bits of information over the weekend that makes me believe things are going so well over there.

If violence escalates in Mexico,
Texas officials say they plan to be ready to deal with any ripple effects. As drug cartels continue to terrorize Mexico, Texas officials are planning for the worst-case scenario: how to respond if the violence spills over the border, and what to do if thousands of Mexicans seek refuge in the United States.

Katherine Cesinger, a spokeswoman for Texas Governor Rick Perry, said a multi-agency contingency plan is being developed, and it will focus primarily on law enforcement issues, including how to handle an influx of Mexicans fleeing violence.

That's the mainstream version being promoted throughout the national news media. Yet, the underground version paints a much darker picture.

Texas Senator Dan Patrick was on FoxNews over a couple of weekends back. He said he had some “breaking news to share,” and boy was it ever! The Texas State Legislature had been trying very hard to get the Obama Administration to respond to a critical situation on the Texas Border. The Administration had not gotten back with Texas as of Saturday night. So, the State of Texas told Washington D.C. basically to get lost, and “we’ll take care of Texas!” He made the announcement the following Sunday morning.

As of Saturday night 2/21, the Texas National Guard has been put on High Alert!!! This is the first time in history that this has ever happened. Texas tried desperately to get Washington’s approval, but when they couldn't get it, they took matters into their own hands and acted in their own best interest. Like I said, these are unsubstantiated reports and I can't find a video anywhere of his appearance on FoxNews, but I did want to at least let you all know what the chatter is like about this throughout the blogosphere.

Let’s pray it doesn’t come to this, but in reality Texas could be in a Civil War (actually it would be an international war) with Mexico very soon if this isn’t quelled.

Interesting times we are living in indeed.

Daily Bread - Romans 8:7

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This will be the first entry in a new Category I'm introducing here today called "Daily Bread" where I will try to post a different verse of Scripture each day. Sometimes I will offer a few of my own thoughts to go along with it. Other times I will simply call our attention to it and that's it.

Either way, we know that Scripture nourishes human understanding. The Holy Bible uses an organic metaphor to describe God’s intention. It likens God’s Word to water that nourishes a seed enabling it to sprout and grow. This is a “living metaphor.” It compares the process of growth in nature with the process of growing in faith and understanding. It shows us that a mature faith is not static. It grows!

2 Timothy 3:16 - - "All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:"

Faith begins with simple childlike trust and acceptance. The “good news” is like a seed planted in our hearts. God’s Word is like rain that waters the seed. In the world of nature, rain and sunlight work together to empower seeds to spread roots below the surface and branches above the ground. In the realm of the Spirit, the Scriptures and God’s spirit work together to empower faith and understanding to take firm root in our hearts, and branch out into every area of our lives.

Today's Daily Bread is Romans 8:7.

Romans 8:7 - - "Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be."

Human nature, the law of sin within us, is always seeking to pull us again into the defilement of sin, seeking to destroy our hope of sharing life with the holy God. That is why God counsels us in Proverbs 4:23 to keep—that is, guard, preserve, and maintain—our heart. It is very easy to become defiled by lapsing back to old habits. In stark reality, Romans 8:7 and Jeremiah 17:9 show why: "Because the carnal mind is enmity against God; for it is not subject to the law of God, nor indeed can be." "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?" The normal human mind deceitfully convinces each person that they are good and love God, men, and law. But the reality is just the opposite: It is at war with God and men, and hates God's holy, righteous, and spiritual law. It loves itself and its desires far more than anything else. It is this deceitful, self-centered enmity that exerts constant influence, pulling us into the defilement of sin.

The core of life for us is government. The issue is who we will allow to govern us. We can govern ourselves in deciding to kill, commit adultery, steal, or lie, that is, break the commandments—or we can submit to God who says, "No," to everyone of these things. The decision as to what is moral has already been decided by God. Our only decision is whether we will submit to what He says to do.

What are we to do when the issue is whether to break the Sabbath by working or keep it by refusing? What are we to do when we are in a financial bind and in debt? Should we submit to God and pay His tithes first? Will God be trusted to provide our needs in a tight financial situation even though we tithe? What are we to do when we desire to cover ourselves, brag, lie, or tell the truth? What should we do when we are sexually enticed? Flee or commit adultery or fornication? What are we to do in any case when submitting and glorifying God are the issue?

Should we expect God to bless us when we choose to take sovereignty and control—we think—to ourselves, that is, when we introduce idolatry into the mix of the relationship? Once we are no longer ignorant of the choices before us and choose to take sovereignty to ourselves, sin becomes exceedingly more serious in its consequences, and we become the idol, because that is who we are serving.

The Berean - Romans 8:7
Romans 8:7 Forerunner Commentary

The Rapture (UPDATE)

Posted by JRed

NOTE: I believe that a literal Rapture event will take place. Regardless of what I believe about when this event will occur, I am READY FOR ALL POSSIBILITIES whether that means escaping the Tribulation or having to endure it for some period of time.

I think anyone who visits this site will know from the outset that I believe in an actual, physical Rapture event to occur at some point during these end times. This is precisely why I chose the name "Look Up Fellowship" for this ministry.

I'll admit that I've always kept an open mind, however, about the timing (i.e. Pre-Tribulation; Mid-Tribulation; Post-Tribulation; 2 Raptures interpretations), and have also listened to what some sincere Christians have had to say about us having to experience some of the horrors that are in store for this planet and humanity during Daniel's 70th Week. I guess you could say that I'm still listening - - to some extent.

Why? Because that just fits with the general approach of this ministry, which is to be willing to consider alternate views from other Brothers and Sisters in Christ so that I can prayerfully consider whether or not any of them have any merit. The hope is that one person might have a small piece of the puzzle while someone else has another small piece. Together those pieces make a complete whole and help us to better understand God's plan.

Ultimately, I hope it goes without saying that EVERYTHING must agree with God's Word as found in His Holy Bible or it isn't to be taken as truth.

That being said, my intent with this entry is not to start an intense and on-going debate about the existence or the timing of the Rapture. Instead, I simply want to share something significant that Petros (a community member) alerted me to recently.

The author of an article he referenced makes the case that the Rapture is spoken of quite unmistakably in 2 Thessalonians 2:3. Furthermore, the writer provides what I think is crystal clear evidence that the meaning of the Greek noun apostasia has been misinterpreted from its original or more common definition.

2 Thessalonians 2:3 - - "Let no one in any way deceive you, for it will not come unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction."

Rather than include the entire article here for you to read (it's not long though) I'll give you a little taste of some of the incredible conclusions that are presented. Here are some amazing snippets from this eye-opening piece:

"I believe that there is a strong possibility that 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is speaking of the rapture. What do I mean? Some pretribulationists,like myself, think that the Greek noun apostasia, usually translated 'apostasy,' is a reference to the rapture and should be translated 'departure.' Thus, this passage would be saying that the day of the Lord will not come until the rapture comes before it. If apostasia is a reference to a physical departure, then 2 Thessalonians 2:3 is strong evidence for pretribulationism."

"The Greek noun apostasia is only used twice in the New Testament...The verb is used fifteen times in the New Testament. Of these fifteen, only three have anything to do with a departure from the faith."

"Again, how would the Thessalonians, or Christians in any century since, be qualified to recognize the apostasy when it should come, assuming, simply for the sake of this inquiry, that the Church might be on earth when it does come? There has been apostasy from God, rebellion against Him, since time began."

"I wonder if you have noticed the striking parallel between this verse and verses 7-8, a little further down. According to your suggestion verse 3 mentions the departure of the church as coming first, and then tells of the revealing of the man of sin. In verses 7 and 8 we find the identical sequence. Verse 7 tells of the removal of the Church; verse 8 says: 'And then shall that Wicked be revealed.' Thus close examination of the passage shows an inner unity and coherence, if we take the word apostasia in its general sense of 'departure,' while a superficial examination would easily lead to an erroneous interpretation as 'falling away' because of the proximity of the mention of the man of sin."

"The fact that apostasia most likely has the meaning of physical departure is a clear support for pretribulationism. If this is true, (Dr. Tim LaHaye and I believe that it is), then it means that a clear prophetic sequence is laid out by Paul early in his Apostolic ministry. Paul teaches in 2 Thessalonians 2 that the rapture will occur first, before the Day of the Lord commences. It is not until after the beginning of the Day of the Lord that the Antichrist is released, resulting in the events described by him in chapter 2 of 2 Thessalonians. This is the only interpretation that provides hope for a discomforted people. Maranatha!"

Personally, I found this to be the best analysis of this whole debate that I've read in quite some time. I know that there will be some who will light up the Comments Section and fiercely disagree with me, and that's ok. Like I said, I'm still keeping an open mind - - to an extent - - regarding all possibilities and scenarios (I think it's the right way to approach this topic until I can understand every related passage in the Bible for myself), but this is a pretty stunning case. In fact, I might even go so far as to state that it's a tough one to refute.

In one verse - - through the study of the true meaning of one word - - we seem to have proof that not only indicates that the Rapture is a real, future event, but we also have information that indicates when it will occur along the prophetic timeline for these last days.

Now, consider what we just looked at here last week about Daniel's Timeline and the case for the Great Tribulation beginning in either July 2009 or some time in 2010. Friends, that would mean that the Rapture (holding to a Pre-Trib position as was just demonstrated above) is closer than ever before! We could be talking months or even weeks, but no more than another year or so!

Could it be!?! Is God beginning to quicken the pace of this "unsealing" in these last days so that we will become emboldened in our faith, and share this news with anyone and everyone who will listen? I'm starting to believe that this is EXACTLY what's taking place here.

Please stay tuned the rest of the week because I'm putting the finishing touches on a new series of articles that takes this new revelation regarding the Rapture, mixes it with our findings from the Daniel's Timeline series, and adds an exclamation point you won't believe or want to miss!!!

Until then, keep looking up! Maranatha!!!

***UPDATE 3/3/09 : There are a few excellent comments already submitted in response to this entry. You can read them for yourself, but all make some great points and this is PRECISELY why I've found myself moving from one camp to another when it comes to the timing of the Rapture. No, I don't think it has already happened. Yes, I think it will definitely occur. Will it happen before the start of Daniel's 70th Week? Will it happen Mid-Tribulation at the 3.5 year mark? Will it occur at the end of the Tribulation at the 7 year mark? Will there be 2 distinct Rapture "escape" events? We'll soon find out, but please keep sharing your thoughts on this because there's still I lot to learn. In fact, one community member pointed out that the Daniel's Timeline main website has an entire section devoted to the Rapture that I didn't know about - - thank you. In any event, please check back often this week because I'm going to present some things that could bolster a case for the timing of this event.***

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Publishing Changes

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A community member contacted me today with the following message:

"My question has to do with my PC and your site. In order to read and ponder your articles, I have to copy/paste them into Notepad because no matter which browser I use, your site seems to overload the memory and CPU of my Dell PC. Have you had any complaints about this before? Is there anything I can do to counter that? I would like to be a regular here and participate but my PC sounds like a plane taking off on the runway every time I come over here."

Unfortunately, he's not the first person to have expressed having issues with the site loading properly and efficiently. I'm sorry for any inconvenience.

The short answer is that I'm not a "techie" per se, and so my Blogger and IT knowledge is limited to point-and-click functions for the most part. However, my guess is that it has to do with the fact that I have the site set to display the last 20 or so articles published to appear directly on the Home Page.

When you factor in all that writing with the embedded audio, video, and pictures (as well as all the widgets on the sidebar section of the page) I'm sure that's our culprit, which is causing some seriously S-L-O-W load times.

Rest assured that I've received your message loud and clear, and effective immediately will be reducing the number of columns that appear on the Home Page. Please refer to the Archives section to view past articles.

Hopefully, this will fix any challenges that some of you are having. If not, let me know and I'll see what I can do because the last thing I want is for the aesthetics of this site to distract people and/or keep them away from its message.

Week In Review

Posted by JRed

A look back at the news stories/commentaries from this past week (or weeks past that have become even more relevant) that have serious prophetic implications...

I normally don't write any comments in these Weekly Review posts, but I wanted to officially put everyone on notice that things are going to become fast, furious, in-depth, and in-your-face here in this forum beginning this week. Look, I'm the first to admit that I'm anything but perfect - - far, far from it in fact! But I'm willing to confess my sins on a regular basis and admit wrong I'm wrong. Sadly, this is something that most modern-day Christians only give lip service to; they resemble a "Christian" in outwardly appearance, but resemble nothing of the sort in an inwardly sense. This is a major problem.

Time is running out people. I'm more convinced of that today than I've ever been in my short life. The fact that others who don't know me (who have never corresponded with me in my entire life) are seeing and feeling the SAME THINGS is testament that the Lord is moving within His church body of believers. There's simply way too much being revealed daily to us that gives us a genuine reason to think the beginning of Daniel's 70th Week is imminent. The proof is simply too powerful to ignore. If people - - especially other so-called Christians - - can't see that by now then there's not much I can do except continue to pray that the Lord opens your eyes to the truth before it's too late.

Please join me in taking the truth to the masses while we still can.